1962-1965 Peel P50: The World’s Smallest Automobile

1962-1965 Peel P50: The World’s Smallest Automobile

2010 Guinness World Record

In 2010, The 1962-1965 Peel P50 was declared “The World’s Smallest Production Car”. The Peel P50 is a three-wheel microcar with enough space for “one adult and one shopping bag” (advertisement by Peel in 1960s). The P50 is the main car by the Peel Engineering Company on the Isle of Man. This “city car” is quite the spectacle, with quite minimal options, and space. But, this car is quite the collectible. The car was initially worth $2,200 in 1963, but recently sold at a Sotheby’s Auction in March of 2016 for $170,000 USD. Furthermore, out of 50 total units produced, only 27 remain. This means that almost half of the P50s are gone.

Specifications of the Peel P50

's Smallest Car - Front Corner - National Motor Museum in Beaulieu - John Dalton of Wikimedia - EuroDrift

‘s Smallest Car – Front Corner – National Motor Museum in Beaulieu – John Dalton of Wikimedia – EuroDrift

From inside out, the 1962-1965 Peel P50 is quite a unique vehicle. Beginning with only one door, on the left side, this car stands out to most people. On the front, there is a single windscreen wiper and one headlight. Furthermore, there is no reverse gear, but a handle at the back allows for easy maneuverability. Lastly, the car arrives in three colors: Daytona White, Dragon Red, and Dark Blue.

Forza Horizon 4: Achievement – Never Tell Me the Odds – Winning a Drag Race in a Peel P50! – The Gamer Society – YouTube

Under the hood, the Peel P50 sports a 49cc, 4.2 horsepower engine. This motor works in combo with a 3-speed manual transmission. With a top speed of 38 mph, there is no need for a 0 to 60 time! Either way, who the heck would want to go 60 mph in a Peel P50!? Well, The Gamer Society tested this out while obtaining an achievement in Forza Horizon 4! Check out the video above to see it happen. In the video, the car has a much powerful engine, rating it from a D-Class to a B-Class. The mods include a new engine, AWD, racing equipment, and more!

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Who Doesn’t Want to Drive a Peel P50?

The Smallest Car in the World at the BBC – Top Gear – BBC – YouTube

So, who doesn’t want to drive a Peel P50? Well, probably quite a few people. This vehicle is very small, so height and weight most likely play a huge role in comfort. When in need to go shopping, just take the Peel P50! Parking will be easy, hauling a single grocery bag may be easy, and safety will be zero to none. Just be sure not to get in a collision in this car, as it probably wouldn’t go well. Otherwise, this car would be fun to take out for a short joy ride. Overall, the Peel P50 is the world’s smallest car, and now the world’s smallest collector vehicle.

Note: The featured image is by Philip Kromer of Wikimedia.

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