White BMW Wagon Illegally Drives thru Washington State Mall

Believe It or Not… It’s True!

Whether any reader believes this or not… it’s a true story! In Washington state, a white BMW wagon drove thru the Wenatchee Valley Mall around 6 PM on Thursday, May 8th. The driver, Francisco Samuel “Sam” Kehoe (age 31), initially parked outside of the mall. Then, sporadically, the driver enters the mall with the white BMW wagon and drives illegally through it. The car smashes through the mall doors, then maneuver its way around the employees, objects, and shoppers. After the ordeal, police arrest “Sam” and find a pair of empty syringes and a pack of meth in the vehicle. Obviously, this driver’s arrest is due to DUI, hit and run, and reckless endangerment charges. Don’t expect to see him back on the road anytime soon…

Insane Idea Inspired by Heroin and Meth

”I’ve been almost three decades of policing and I’ve lived here my whole life, but I’ve never known of someone crashing through the doors of a mall and going for a joyride.” – Officer Joe Hinkle of East Wenatchee, Washington Police (Interview with iFiberone News)

The entire idea of driving a white BMW wagon illegally into the Wenatchee Valley Mall was due to the use of heroin and meth. “Sam” admitted to using both heroin and meth prior to driving into the mall. So, that may be the reason he was seen outside in the first place. There is no fact at this moment, but the driver was probably using the drugs while sitting in the mall parking lot. But, either way, driving through a mall without permission is crazy. This isn’t like the guy in Saudi Arabia that paid to rent an entire mall to drive his Aston Martin around inside while shopping. That’s a whole different story… check it out here!

Yes, There’s Footage of This Crazy Story on YouTube!

Man Drives Through Wenatchee Valley all 2019-05-08

Overall, this entire scenario is something that most people don’t hear about in a lifetime. How often does a vehicle smash into the mall and go for a joyride? Not often. But, that is exactly what happened at the Wenatchee Valley Mall in Washington state. That white BMW (Pronounced “BMV“) wagon had no trouble plowing through glass doors and taking a journey through crowds of bewildered spectators. At least, as it seems, nobody was hurt during this crazy drug fueled decision-making process. On the other hand, damage to the mall will cost thousands and include replacing the door that was impacted during the cruise. The driver initially entered through a door by ROSS, as seen in the video, then also drove out the same way. Wow, this is one heck of story… right?

Wenatchee Valley Mall - Damage from White BMW Wagon Driving thru Doors for Joyride - NCWLIFE Channel - EuroDrift
Wenatchee Valley Mall – Damage from White BMW Wagon Driving thru Doors for Joyride – NCWLIFE Channel – EuroDrift


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