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1975-1985 Ferrari 308 GTB: A Genuine Classic

1975-1985 Ferrari 308 GTB: A Genuine Classic

A Production Reign from 1975 to 1985

From 1975 to 1985, the Ferrari 308 GTB was assembled in Maranello, Italy. This beautiful car’s initial design is by Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina. The name “GTB” basically stands for “Gran Touring Berlinetta”. On the other hand, the 308 GTS is a Targa top, but that will be left for another future article. The Ferrari 308 GTB is a transverse mid-engine RWD sports car. The predecessor of the 308 GTB is the Dino 246 GT/GTS. Furthermore, the successor is the 328 GTB/GTS.

Initially, the 308 GTB made its intro at the Paris Motor Show in 1975. As per the GTS, this debut occurs 2 years later at the 1977 Frankfurt Motor Show. The major difference of these two models is the top design. The GTB has a hard-top whereas the GTS has the Targa top. Performance wise, both cars perform very similar. The only performance difference is mostly due to weight.

2.9-Liter Tipo F106 AB V8 Engine

Ferrari 308 GTB - Driver's Side Front Corner - Wikimedia Commons - EuroDrift

Ferrari 308 GTB – Driver’s Side Front Corner – Wikimedia Commons – EuroDrift

The 1975-1985 Ferrari 308 GTB sports a 2.9-liter Tipo F106 AB V8 engine. First off, the European version contains 252 horsepower due to a dry sump setup. Unfortunately, the U.S. version tapers back to 237 horsepower. This is due to a wet sump because of emission control requirements. Furthermore, the motor is a 90 degrees V8 with a belt-driven twin overhead camshaft per cylinder bank. Even furthermore, the car has four twin-choke Weber 40DCNF carbs with a single coil ignition. On top of this, the engine works in combo with a fully synchromesh 5-speed “dog-leg” manual transmission. Lastly, this system receives support from a limited slip differential.

Racing Components of the 308 GTB

The 1975-1985 Ferrari 308 GTB is a classic racing car at heart. Firstly, the car starts with the beastly 2.9-liter V8. Secondly, the car is built from a tube frame and glass-enforced separate plastic body. But, in June 1977, the body changed to steel. Before the steel, the car weight was 2315 lbs. Afterwards, the steel added an increase of around 331 lbs. Thirdly, the driver takes full control with unassisted rack and pinion steering.

Fourthly, the 308 GTB has an all independent suspension. This system contains double wishbones, coaxial coil springs, hydraulic dampers, and anti-roll bars. Fifthly, and finally, is the 4-wheel vented disc brakes. From the engine to suspension, this car could compete with the crème of the crop at the time. Unfortunately, nowadays, parts for this car are rare, and sometimes even manufactured new due to lack of replacement parts.

Who Doesn’t Want to Drive a 308 GTB?

This Ferrari 308 GTB Traces The Streets Of Bangkok Daily – Petrolicious – YouTube

Overall, the 1975-1985 Ferrari 308 GTB is an amazing machine. From the beautiful styling to the V8, this car was sure to please the auto enthusiast at the time. Furthermore, this car still pleases many fans today. Today, the 1975-1985 308 GTB ranges in price from as low at $50,000 up to over $200,000. This may not equate to the value of some other Ferraris, which cost millions, but this car is well worth this price. Down the road, this car may increase in value as it is truly a stunning machine. In conclusion, although the 308 GTB didn’t reach one million USD in value, this car offers the pleasure as if it did so.

Ferrari 308 GTB - Front Corner in Museum - Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Torino, Italy - Wikimedia Commons - EuroDrift

Ferrari 308 GTB – Front Corner in Museum – Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile in Torino, Italy – Wikimedia Commons – EuroDrift