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Bugatti Veyron Crash into Lake Leads to Jail Time

Bugatti Veyron Crash into Lake Leads to Jail Time

Driving a Bugatti Veyron into Gulf Bay

On November 11, 2009, Lufkin’s Andy House drove a 2006 Bugatti Veyron into Gulf Bay in the La Marque, Texas region. With unique timing, a spectator filmed the event and posted it on YouTube. Nobody knew that this would change the man’s life for the next few years. Long story short, Andy House was driving down the highway when he veered to the right, right into saltwater. With the engine running, the Veyron motor flooded leading to complete destruction. The story may, or may not, be true, but that was up to the court to decide.

The Insurance Claim Dilemma

Bugatti Veyron Lake Crash—Original Video- 1st hand account – Jomgarza – YouTube

So, obviously, after the accident, the owner submits an insurance claim to the company to fix the vehicle. But, this was not an authentic claim, according to the tape. Lufkin’s Andy House, an exotic car salvage yard owner, will be spending 1 year and 1 day in federal prison. Why? Because the court states that this entire situation is insurance fraud. Furthermore, the defendant plead guilty to the event in the court of law. From a court date in 2009, the 2006 Bugatti Veyron was purchased for $1,000,000 USD, but insured for $2,200,000. This is most likely due to the collectible value of a unique car like the Veyron.

So, as seen above, the claim describes the accident occurring due to a cell phone reach. But, the video seems to tell a different story. Initially, the insurance company did pay the claim, but with YouTube video proof, took it to court. The court system is making the defendant pay back the settlement of $600,000. On top of this, due to insurance fraud, he will spend 1 year and 1 day in federal prison. Furthermore, he will have 3 years of release under supervision. This was definitely not his plan at the beginning of this situation.

One Hell of a Lesson & Story

Bugatti Veyron being fished out of a lake – SkiddMark – YouTube

Overall, this 2006 Bugatti Veyron crash is one hell of a lesson, as well as story. How many people can say that they crashed a Veyron into saltwater? Secondly, how many can say they went to jail for it? Well… not many. This was an unfortunate case of bad decision making that led to repercussions. To finish off the article, let’s make a simple, and important statement. No matter what stage you are at in life, young or old, rich or poor, always ensure to make the right decision. Making the right decision is the best way to go through life, and the wrong decision can lead to unexpected results. Just look at this guy, spending over a year in prison for insurance fraud. In conclusion, don’t crash a Veyron into a lake in the modern era of accessible cameras and YouTube videos.