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Will the Taycan Convert Porsche to Design More EVs?

Will the Taycan Convert Porsche to Design More EVs?

The Worldwide Upcoming EV Surge

Over the next decade, many manufacturers intend to increase EV production tenfold. Companies such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and even supercar manufacturers are following the trend. Why? Because it leads to faster, more efficient vehicles. While being friendly to the environment, these cars perform better than the predecessors. This may not be something that motorheads want to hear, but it’s true. The electrical engine provides instantaneous power and a ton of torque. This is why Tesla has such fast vehicles, faster than many sports and supercars on the market for a margin the price. So, aiming towards Porsche – will the Taycan convert Porsche to design more EVs? Well, in all honesty… probably.

Basic Facts About the Stunning Taycan

Porsche Mission E - Side with Open Doors - IAA 2015 - Wikimedia - EuroDrift

Porsche Mission E – Side with Open Doors – IAA 2015 – Wikimedia – EuroDrift

Initially, the Porsche Taycan was known as the “Mission E” during the concept phase. To understand better, Taycan stands for “lively young horse” in the Eurasian language. On the other hand, this car is a fully electric 4-seater sports sedan. Between two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSMs), this car produces over 600 horsepower. With a 800-Volt charging system, this car won’t take too long to fill up. From 0 to 60 mph, this car takes around 3.5 seconds. It may not be as fast as the best Tesla sedan, but close enough. Overall, the Taycan is an amazing leap forward in Porsche technology.

Demand for the Taycan is Insane!

Soul, electrified. – The Porsche Taycan is coming. – Porsche – YouTube

Due to the strong demand in the market, Porsche is moving up the Taycan production to over 20,000 units per year. Yes, that is read correctly. This car is taking the market by storm with tons and tons of reservations. Although it is quite expensive at $130,000, it is possible to obtain tax incentives due to buying or leasing an electric vehicle. This amounts for up to $7,500, but there’s no guarantee – so contact an accountant for more info! Due to the popularity of this model, don’t be surprised to see an electric Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman, Macan, or 911 at this point. Although the 911 breathes via an amazing 6-cylinder engine, an EV version would be a beast. Imagine this much power within a tinier sports car. It would probably reach 60 mph in closer to 3 seconds without a doubt. In conclusion, the Taycan is extremely popular and will lead Porsche to reconsider the EV pathway.

Porsche Mission E - Rear Corner - IAA 2015 - Wikimedia - EuroDrift

Porsche Mission E – Rear Corner – IAA 2015 – Wikimedia – EuroDrift

BMW M Models to Release as Electric Vehicles (EVs)

BMW M Models to Release as Electric Vehicles (EVs)

An Electric Future for BMW M Models

“For sure, all M vehicles will be electrified by the end of the next decade.” – Frank van Meel (BMW’s M Chief)

In recent years, auto manufacturers are moving towards electrifying their lineups. Not surprisingly, BMW must hop on the bandwagon at some point. BMW M models will release as electric vehicles at some point in the next decade. The quote above is a statement from Frank van Meel at a press conference to CarAdvice journalists. So, expecting an electrified M2 or M5 may not be a crazy thought. Either way, electric vehicles (EVs) are the way of the future. So, hopping on board is a requirement for most manufacturers at some point.

A Step-by-Step Process for BMW

2018 BMW M2 - Front - PAS 2018 - EuroDrift

2018 BMW M2 – Front – PAS 2018 – EuroDrift

Below, a quote by Frank van Meel can be seen discussing a step-by-step process. For BMW, the BMW M model lineup will change with the right technology. Currently, BMW is working on its own hybrid technology. Astonishingly, BMW is designing its own electric motor, gearbox, and platform, from scratch. This is occurring while BMW is working on its fifth-gen architecture that’ll include powertrain options. But, BMW M is not in a rush to electrify the lineup. The BMW M division will await its own “better” technology.

“That’s going to happen step-by-step. The important question is the timing question – what’s the right time for that? If you’re too late then you’re too late, but if you’re too early then you don’t have the ‘straight to the point’ technology.” – Frank van Meel (BMW’s M Chief)

Dissatisfaction with Electrical Components

2018 BMW M4 - Front - PAS 2018 - EuroDrift

2018 BMW M4 – Front – PAS 2018 – EuroDrift

One of the main reasons that the BMW M model lineup is not electrified is the components themselves. Below, Meel can be seen showing disappointment with electrical components. From his perspective, they are quite heavy which will effect weight and power-to-weight ratios. This will obviously lower the overall performance of the vehicle… but maybe not. BMW should look to Tesla for an understanding of EV technology. Why? Because Tesla has a sedan that can reach 60 mph in under 3 seconds. That is faster than most sports cars, including Ferrari and Lamborghini. So, electrical component weight is a poor reason for not advancing the fleet.

“Look at today’s electrification components, they are quite heavy and, for us as a motorsports company, overall vehicle weight and power-to-weight ratio is key.” – Frank van Meel (BMW’s M Chief)

The EV Future of BMW

Why BMW is Going All in With Electric Cars – Bloomberg – YouTube

In the future, within a decade, BMW M models plan to release with electrification. Regardless, by 2025, BMW plans to offer 40% electric powertrain models to the market. Electric vehicles are a growing trend and the way for the future. The beautiful sound of engines will be missed, but just as everything else, things change. It is time for the world to accept the future of the automobile. Performance and respect to the environment are both obtained with EVs. In conclusion, BMW is joining the ever-growing EV market with its models, one by one.

2018 BMW X2 - Front - PAS 2018 - EuroDrift

2018 BMW X2 – Front – PAS 2018 – EuroDrift