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2019 Volkswagen Golf R: 40 Custom Color Options

2019 Volkswagen Golf R: 40 Custom Color Options

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

For the 2019 model year, Volkswagen is offering the Golf R in 40 custom color options. This range of color options can only lead to tougher decisions. But, first off, the VW Spektrum Program will increase the bill by around $2,500. So, after that decision is made, a tougher one sits in fate. Currently, Volkswagen is working to release a builder tool on their website to view all colors in 360 degrees colorization. Until then, the best option is to visit a dealership to view the available color options.

With the VW Spektrum Program, the 2019 Volkswagen Golf R will cost over $40,000. Just think of the available colors as a bag of skittles. You could blindly pick one from the bag and hope its great. Or, you could take the time to sift thru all options analyzing what best fits your needs. Either way, this many colors is quite the addition to the new model’s option list.

Spec Expectations for Golf R

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf R will most likely sport a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine. This is the same setup as the current 292 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. motor. But, word has gotten around that VW will aim to provide a 400-horsepower version for 2019 or 2020. Depending on the source, the date varies, so there is no guarantee of the power ratio or model year. This means, the car should reach 60 mph in less than the current 4.8 seconds, probably closer to the low 4 range. As per top speed, it should increase from 150 MPH, unless strictly governed by manufacturer. But, that is nothing a tune can’t fix, while releasing an additional 50-100 horsepower from the turbo in comparison to other VW vehicles including Audi.

Wide Range of Possible Color Choices

2019 Volkswagen Golf R - VW Spektrum Program - View of 40 Color Choices - Manufacturer Pictures - EuroDrift

2019 Volkswagen Golf R – VW Spektrum Program – View of 40 Color Choices – Manufacturer Pictures – EuroDrift

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf R has a huge range of possible color choices, 40 in total. On the list, are quite a few options representing VWs from current and past generations. Firstly, the Viper Green Metallic is from the European Mk3 Scirocco. Secondly, the Nagaro Blue Pearl is brought back from the Mk4 and Mk5 R32. Thirdly, Ginster Yellow arrives from the 1997 Driver’s Edition GTI. Finally, there is Mars Red rom the Mk1 GTI. On top of this, from the bag of skittle color options, there are also Caribbean Green, Copper Orange Metallic, and Violet Touch Metallic. Do note, this doesn’t even touch base to comprehend the total amount of available options.

A VW Built for Zipping Around

Volkswagen Golf R 2018 review – the best all-round performance car? – carwow – YouTube

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf R is a car built for zipping around town. Beyond the engine and color options, there is a sport suspension and 18” wheels. On the transmission side, there is a 6-speed manual factory. Furthermore, a 6-speed automatic with launch control is another option. But, this squanders in comparison to the color list. In conclusion, a Viper Green Metallic Golf R sounds like quite a vehicle to drive and make a scene.

2019 Volkswagen Golf R - Ginster Yellow - Rear Corner in Motion - Manufacturer Pictures - EuroDrift

2019 Volkswagen Golf R – Ginster Yellow – Rear Corner in Motion – Manufacturer Pictures – EuroDrift

Szechuan Sauce for 2004 VW Golf Mk4: Deal or No Deal?

Szechuan Sauce for 2004 VW Golf Mk4: Deal or No Deal?

McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

In 1998, McDonald’s officially created “Szechuan” sauce as a promotional item for the Disney movie “Mulan”. Not too long after, the condiment was removed from McDonald’s menu. On October 7, 2017, McDonald’s brought back the Szechuan sauce in a limited supply. As a result, chaos ensued as fans of the hit TV series “Rick and Morty” showed up in bulk numbers at McDonald’s nationwide to try the sauce. The reason for this is because the TV show had an episode in which Rick goes through the drive-thru and mentions the oh-so-great Szechuan sauce. This led to an insane value for a packet of Szechuan… even a 2004 VW Golf Mk4.

2004 VW Golf Mk4 for Szechuan Sauce

This high demand and low supply led to frantic TV show enthusiasts and a skyrocket in value of the sauce. On eBay, Szechuan sauce could be bought for around $280. Yes, $280 for a small packet of sauce. On the other hand, one girl was so lucky that she was offered an early 2000s VW Golf for a packet of sauce. Rachel Marie of Macomb, Michigan posted on social media about her sauce for trade. Duane Kimmel, the owner of a 2004 VW Golf, posted that he would trade the vehicle for the sauce. As one would suspect, Rachel was quick to accept the offer.

“Thank you for the insane trade on the VW Golf Mk4 for the legendary Szechuan Sauce Duane Kimmel, I hope you got lost in the sauce!” – Rachel Marie via Facebook.

Szechuan Demand Due to Rick and Morty

Leading to this trade, a series of events occurred that drafted the way to her success on the trade. First, the Adult Swim TV Show “Rick and Morty” featured the Szechuan sauce in an April 2017 episode. Not long after, TV show fans took their hope of Szechuan sauce to On the website, a petition was created asking McDonald’s to bring it back. This led to McDonald’s offering to bring it back on October 7, 2017. With only 20 packets per restaurant, McDonald’s hoped to cover the demand for the day. But, they were wrong… so wrong.

$280 for a Packet of Szechuan Sauce… or a VW Golf Mk4

Overall, McDonald’s Szechuan sauce was brought to us by McDonald’s for Disney’s “Milan” and brought back for “Rick and Morty”. Consequently, chaos ensued at restaurants nationwide due to the low supply. Due to this, fans were willing to pay $280 for a packet, and even a 2004 VW Golf. Luckily, for Rachel, she was able to trade the sauce for that VW Golf. In our view, that’s one hell of a deal – for Rachel.


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