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Top Five Advanced Radar Detectors for 2016

Drivers use radar detectors as a means of detecting radar signals from police to be aware of speed trap zones. Some radar detectors function on the most basic level, while others sport many bells and whistles. GPS enabled radar detectors are very popular on the market today and allow for additional information.

How much time you spend on the road will probably determine which radar detector is right for you. Below is a list of higher-end radar detectors and what you can expect from each.

  1. Escort Max360
  2. Escort Passport 9500IX
  3. Whistler CR90
  4. Cobra SPX 7800BT
  5. Beltronics Stir Plus

 Escort Max360

Escort Max360 is a superior radar detector that comes with an interactive Smartphone app, security, and simple setup features. This advanced protection device boasts all the features that one would expect from a high-end detector.

The lightning-fast focal point of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows the device to find radar signals faster and more accurately than other models.  With five levels of filtering options, this radar detector allows you to customize the sensitivity of your device. Three driving modes and speed-based sensitivity keep it functioning properly, no matter the conditions. Results show on a high-resolution graphic display with directional arrows. Also, it includes a smart cord mated with a mute button and built-in alert lamp.

 Escort Passport 9500IX

Escort is one of the most popular brands in the industry. The Escort Passport 9500IX radar detector boasts smart technology and superior features that pinpoint the radar signal in a quick manner. This radar detector comes with both a windshield and dash mount. Also, it is compatible with the award-winning and exclusive app, ESCORT Live. With radar frequency filtering options, this device eliminates false alerts permanently by using frequency and location.

The radar detector provides coverage options with K, X, SWS (Safety Warning System) radar capability, International Ku, combined with rear and front laser detection. Additionally, it introduces an Auto Sensitivity option which raises the range based on increasing speed.

 Whistler CR90

If you have been looking for a laser radar detecting device at a pocket-friendly price, then this is it. The Whistler CR90 is a radar detecting device that comes with unique features and advanced technologies. It then detects laser signals using the Laser Ally, Atlanta Stealth Mode, and LTI TruSpeed S laser brands.

This radar detector includes the ability to monitor driver alertness and also offers warnings if drowsiness is suspected. The Traffic Flow Signal Rejection and other filter modes help minimize false positives.

Finally, this new radar detector comes with additional functionality, including the ability to detect different types of laser guns. It can even detect red light cameras and fixed speed cameras.

 Cobra SPX 7800BT

Cobra is a leading brand that offers an extraordinary radar detector, also known as Cobra SPX 7800BT. It is one of the most efficient police radar devices on the market. This sensor comes with an OLED mini screen as well as monitoring features for the newest radar guns.

The Cobra’s iRadar app also provides a rotating map along with zoom functions. The map allows you to see the road, possible radar locations, and live traffic data features.

 Beltronics Stir Plus

The Beltronics Stir Plus sports a laser and also a full band searching option. Along with this, it then alerts you to approaching red light cameras and fixed photo radar. Filters prevent known false signals in certain areas.

With the auto scan feature, the device eliminates the need to shift between highway and city modes. Moreover, the Beltronics Stir supports the detection of pop mode radar.

All of these devices boast advanced features. In addition to notifying you of impending speed traps, they also expose the presence of fixed cameras. Maps that show live traffic conditions make the commute much easier. Any of these devices is sure to impress you with what an advanced radar detector can do. Also, a radar detector may be the difference between a smooth commute or a speed trap ticket.




How Does a Radar Detector Work: Technical Perspective

How Does a Radar Detector Work: Technical Perspective

Radar Detector Basics

Radar is frequently used by police to identify how fast a vehicle is moving. Police will often use radar detectors to identify speeding vehicles. In return, drivers can purchase radar detectors to let them know when radar is being used on the roadways.

One of the main jobs of radar detectors is to warn drivers that there is a radar device in the vicinity. When the radar detector alerts a driver of a radar presence, the driver will usually inspect their speed and adjust it accordingly to avoid the risk of a ticket. To better understand all of the benefits of using a radar detector, it is helpful to know their functionality.

The Internal Workings of a Radar Detector

A radar speed gun incorporates both a radio receiver and a radio transmitter. The transmitter’s job is to oscillate an electrical current that enables the voltage to go up and down. The electromagnetic energy generated by this travels as an electromagnetic wave through the air. The transmitter includes an amplifier that works to increase the electromagnetic intensity. The transmitter also includes an antenna which broadcasts the energy into the air. Meanwhile, the radio receiver finds electromagnetic waves in the air with an antenna in order to convert them into an electrical current.

A radio wave emitted by a radar device moves at the speed of light, and when it hits an object it bounces back to the device. The time taken by the radar device to measure the speed of a moving vehicle depends on the distance of the vehicle but the difference of time is miniscule.

Wave Frequencies

When a radar gun is used to detect the speed of the moving vehicle, the wave frequency of the signal returned is changed because the vehicle is moving. If the vehicle is moving towards the radar device, the distance and time for the return signal to travel is reduced, while the frequency of the radio wave increases. The radar device used for determining the speed of the car uses that change in frequency to determine speed.

Usually, radar detectors identify the radio wave bandwidth of any radar device used by police and inform the driver. Essentially, the detectors pick up the specific frequencies of the radar devices used to identify speeding cars. Often, radar guns pick up radar radio waves before the vehicle comes within visual range.

Factors Affecting the Range of the Radar Detector

According to a Car and Driver study, loss in detection range significantly occurs when the car has a windshield embedded with metallic or commercial tint films. The range of radar detection depends on these two treatments. You find these films in high-end imported products, Everclear windshields, Instaclear windshields, and GM products. The radar detection capability of vehicles with these products drops by 95 percent.

GPS Radar Detectors

The recent developments in GPS technology have given radar detectors an increased functionality. A radar detector with GPS calculates the location and speed of the vehicle by using a GPS satellite network. The GPS system also allows for companies to provide additional services such as decreased false alerts and high-risk zone alerts. These comprise some of the biggest advantages of GPS radar detectors. Radar detectors without GPS strictly rely on the radio receiver to signal the driver of any incoming radar waves.

Some GPS detectors can adjust their sensitivity according to the speed of the vehicle. This means that users do not need to manually switch between city and highway modes. Moreover, radar detectors with GPS can also alert the users when they are traveling over the standard speed limit. Some of them provide alerts for speed cameras, speed trap locations, and traffic lights. The GPS radar detector will usually warn the driver of a radar signal with enough time to adjust the vehicle’s speed. Some of the radar detectors allow the user to access a downloadable database of known enforcement and camera locations.

Radar Detectors with Smartphone Compatibility

The advancement of technology has created a number of ways to integrate the radar detector with a smartphone. Users can find apps for Android and iOS platforms that enable the radar detectors to send mobile alerts when approaching a known enforcement area. Some of the apps even allow the users to highlight enforcement areas on a map in order to alert other drivers nearby. You can also find radar detectors with Bluetooth on the market for an easy smartphone connection.

Summing Up How a Radar Detector Works

Essentially, radar detectors are radios programmed to pick-up the wave frequencies used by radar guns. The detector allows the driver to stay informed of a speed trap location as well as allows for the driver to adjust their speed if required. Radar detectors are legal in almost every state, however, in the District of Columbia and Virginia, it is illegal to use radar detectors.



BMW 3-Series Driver Receives 3 Months in Jail for Laser Jammer

BMW 3-Series Driver Receives 3 Months in Jail for Laser Jammer

What? Why? How? Seriously… What?

In recent news within the United Kingdom, a BMW 3-Series driver receives 3 months in jail for using a laser jammer. Yes, that was read correctly. Somehow, someway, a laser jammer can equate to jail time and a stiff fine. Unfortunately, Michael Twizell, 58 of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, learned the hard way. Firstly, laser jammers are illegal as their purpose is to interfere with speed signals. Police and speed cameras use laser to obtain the speed of a vehicle. By disrupting the signal, the driver disallows the police to read a speed. So, obviously, its purpose is to avoid speeding tickets. Hence, the law deciding it illegal to use while driving. So, to rub it in even more, the court decides a fine of $1,900 shall go along with the jail time. Honestly, that just seems quite ridiculous… a fine would’ve been enough in itself. It’s another modern day story of throwing away taxpayer money.

Statements by Traffic Constable Andy Forth

Due to the BMW 3-Series laser jammer jail time debate reaching big news, the Traffic Constable Andy Forth made statements:

“To use a device which is capable of interfering with police speed measurement is clearly as shown today a very serious matter… Drivers may face a custodial sentence for using such a device this way.” – Traffic Constable Andy Forth

So, obviously, the Traffic Constable sees this as a legitimate, serious problem. In the end, it is hard to dispute the use of a laser jammer. Where legal, simply use a laser and radar detector. It’ll offer information on detection. In most places, laser jammers are illegal. So, hence, check local laws and simply buy a detector.

“North Yorkshire Police will continue to investigate similar allegations when people use these devices to interfere with the normal course of justice… I advise anyone who may have a similar device fitted to their vehicle to think about the consequences of using such a device and strongly recommend that they remove it from their vehicle to avoid a future prosecution.”– Traffic Constable Andy Forth

With such strong emphasis on cutting down on laser jammers, it may be smart to disconnect or remove a laser jammer if there’s one installed on a vehicle. The jail time is definitely not worth the risk, it’ll be a less fine to simply speed about daily. But, this is not something EuroDrift promotes or advises. Be sure to follow the legal rules of driving on roads based on location. Cities, states, and countries can have different laws and punishments. Be sure to understand this well before hitting the road!

Jail Time & $1,900 for Laser Jammer

How Radar Detectors & Laser Jammer Work – The Speed Channel – Radar Busters – YouTube

Laser jammers seem like a great decision for a fast driver, but think again. 3 months in jail and a $1,900 fine are definitely not worth it. Why not just follow the speed limit and not worry? Well… many of us can ask the same question but won’t. In reality, a speeding fine is definitely easier to fight in court and cheaper on the pocket. Be sure to understand limits, as passing a certain speed can lead to loss of license and more. But, going 5 mph over the limit will probably not yield this punishment. Some states, such as PA, don’t ticket for up to 5 mph over. But, beyond that, it is a risk. So, speeding in the 720S may seem like a good idea, but save it for the track! Overall, simply put, don’t bother with a laser jammer, just buy a radar detector where legal.

Disclaimer: EuroDrift DOES NOT promote speeding or the use of illegal devices. Be sure to check local laws for speed and device limitations.

How Do Speed Cameras Work?

How Do Speed Cameras Work?

Watch Out for Speed Cameras!

In modern times, speed cameras are becoming more and more apparent in society. Although many people receive tickets from these devices, they may not know, how do speed cameras work? The purpose of a speed camera is to detect the speed of a vehicle on a roadway. This begins with choosing a proper location and setting up the equipment. Once chosen, the camera detects speed and takes digital photos of violators. Depending on the region, the camera may take pictures after a certain threshold above the limit. For instance, the speed limit may be 35 mph, but the camera may not snap unless a vehicle passes 40 mph. Depending where legal, radar detectors are for sale to detect these devices for drivers.

Typical Technology of Speed Cameras

Gatso Speed Camera - Camera Device - Andrew Dunn on Wikipedia - EuroDrift

Gatso Speed Camera – Camera Device – Andrew Dunn on Wikipedia – EuroDrift

To answer the question, “how do speed cameras work?”, let’s begin with the devices. Speed cameras detect speed via detectors embedded in the road, or via radar signal. For the detector route, technicians must install the device. From here, the device detects the speed between two points. This is because velocity needs an initial and final point of calculation. Next, the camera will calculate the speed using a scientific equation, then determine if to snap a photo.

If the camera uses radar, the device sends a signal to the vehicle. The signal bounces off of the vehicle and returns. By calculating the gap of the signal, the camera can determine speed. Basically, the camera first sends a signal towards the vehicle. This begins the calculation. Then, the device awaits a return signal, which provides a time gap. Lastly, the time gap goes into an equation to determine speed. As mentioned above, radar detectors are available to detect these devices, allowing speeding drivers to avoid tickets. Note, speeding illegally is NOT something that EuroDrift supports!

Keep in mind, the camera itself is usually inspected every 90 days for functionality. Furthermore, the device on the ground, if in use, is tested at least once a year. This ensures optimal performance of the system, making it tougher to debate a ticket. Although some people say it is easy to win in court, that is not always the case. Either bring a lawyer, or know how to debate the topic, but there will be no tips for that in this article… sorry.

Photo Information & Security

How do we know red-light and speed cameras work? – Department of Justice and Community Safety – YouTube

After the photo is taken, it is digitally stored in an encrypted location with high security. This protects the image itself from alteration or obtainment. The images are then used in court, if necessary, to prove who is speeding. Each individual image contains a ton of info. This includes the date, time, location, direction, speed, and vehicle information. As per the vehicle info, the photo allows for determination of the color, type, make, and plate. Even in a multiple lane situation, detectors work very well. If there is more than one lane, more than one radar or ground detector is usually used. This way, there is no confusion between each individual lane. In conclusion, hopefully this articles covers the topic of “how do speed cameras work?”.

A final word of advice, don’t end up like the British tourist in Dubai who obtained $47,000 in violations within 3 hours…

Note: The featured image of the article is by Mariordo of Wikipedia.

Dubai Tourist Obtains Over $47,000 in Violations within 3 Hours

Dubai Tourist Obtains Over $47,000 in Violations within 3 Hours

Quite a Trip to Dubai in the UAE

In 2018, a British tourist visiting Dubai was able to rack up over $47,000 (170,000 dirhams) in only 3 hours. On July 30th, the tourist went to a dealership to rent a Lamborghini Huracán. Then, on the next day, July 31st, the dealership began receiving notifications. These notices were for speed violations occurring between 2:30 AM and 6 AM in the morning. As expected, the entire situation has hurt the dealership.

The tourist violating the laws was simply acting unreasonably, so they should absolutely be responsible for these fines. Overall, the total sum of fines arrives at a hefty price of $47,643. In the end, hopefully this situation works out for the dealership, as the driver was solely responsible for his abuse of law.

Lamborghini Huracán Specifications

Lamborghini Huracan Coupe - Front Corner - Fabspeed Open House & Exotic Car Meet 2017 - EuroDrift

Lamborghini Huracan Coupe – Front Corner – Fabspeed Open House & Exotic Car Meet 2017 – EuroDrift

While in Dubai, the British tourist figures renting a Lamborghini Huracán is a great option. While this may be a fantastic idea for many, some people can’t handle it. For instance, how about this guy? Maybe next time stick to the Kia or Toyota rental.

Overall, a Lamborghini Huracán isn’t a bad choice for a Dubai tourist. If driven reasonable, this car is built to impress. At a price of $353,919, this car is quite expensive. Costing as much as a small home, this car boasts a 5.2-liter V10 engine. This motor works in combo with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. On the power side, this car has 631 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft. of torque. This allows it to reach 60 mph in only 2.4 seconds. With a top speed of 201 mph, it is easy to see how this car can easily violate worldwide laws.

Breakdown of Violations

Dubai Police Vehicles - Front - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - EuroDrift

Dubai Police Vehicles – Front – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – EuroDrift

”He was driving at 230 and 240 kilometers per hour…” – Mohammed Ibrahim, Car Rental Business Owner

Overall, the Dubai tourist from the UK broke quite a few laws in the UAE. Firstly, the driver received 12 speeding violations. This amounts to $19,057 (70,000 dirham) simply for speeding. Next, the cost of obtaining the car from impoundment was $28,585 (105,000 dirhams). In a combination, this amounts to $47,643 in expenses.

According to reports, this car was spotted speeding at 149 mph (240 km/h) by 33 radars on Sheikh Zayed Road. This road is one of the busiest in Dubai, so speed detectors are an expectation, especially in the sports car “capitol”. This driver was over the limit by 62 mph (100 km/h) at the max allowed speed. The base rule for the road is 75 mph (120 km/h), but the road allows up to 87 mph (140 km/h). In many countries, this will lead to imprisonment on top of losing a license. Although, the Dubai police fleet is quite amazing itself, including Lamborghinis. So, getting away from Dubai police would be quite difficult.

This Entire Fiasco is Preposterous

British tourist racks up $47,000 worth of speeding fines in Dubai – Global1 News Network – YouTube

Currently, the UAE law has a fine for exceeding 50 mph (80 km/h) set to $816.70 (3,000 dirhams). On top of this, the driver obtains 23 black points and a 60-day car confiscation. So, unfortunately, the business has taken the biggest hit from this person’s pursuit of speed. This Dubai tourist is simply in the wrong and should be treated in that manner. Although views around the world are different, a business owner shouldn’t be held responsible for another person’s sole actions. This simply doesn’t make sense, so put the blame on the tourist. Lastly, just to note, reports seem to indicate the tourist settled the fines after being stuck in the UAE due to it. In conclusion, this Dubai tourist doesn’t represent how anyone should act abroad.

Note: To properly handle a traffic stop, refer to this article by EuroDrift!

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