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1980-1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I

1980-1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I

The 1st Generation Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I - Rear Corner - Wikimedia Commons - EuroDrift

1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I – Rear Corner – Wikimedia Commons – EuroDrift

In 1980, Rolls-Royce introduced the 1st generation Silver Spirit Mark I full-size 4-door luxury saloon. The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I was manufactured from 1980 to 1989 in Crewe, Cheshire, England. The designer for the original Silver Spirit Mark I was Fitz Feller in 1974. Furthermore, the Silver Spirit basis has been used for numerous other models including the:

  • Flying Spur
  • Mulsanne
  • Park Ward
  • Silver Dawn
  • Touring Limousine

This basis makes the Silver Spirit a truly unique and special vehicle in the Rolls-Royce line-up.

6.75-Liter L410 V8 Engine with 237 Horsepower

1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I - Front - Wikimedia Commons - EuroDrift

1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I – Front – Wikimedia Commons – EuroDrift05

The 1980-1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I sports a 6.75-liter L410 V8 engine. This motor produces 237 horsepower and 332 lb.-ft. of torque. The motors backbone is a 16-valve system with 2 single-barrel carburetors. This engine can hit 60 mph in an estimation of 11 seconds. To 112 mph, the Silver Spirit Mark I takes around 54.5 seconds. Furthermore, the Mark I can reach a top speed of 120 mph. Finally, the engine works in combination with a GM THM 400 3-speed automatic gearbox.

Features and Technological Aspects of Mark I

1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I - Interior - Wikimedia Commons - EuroDrift

1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I – Interior – Wikimedia Commons – EuroDrift

The 1980-1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I is built with quite a unique and competitive setup. Firstly, the car has unitary bodywork by Pressed Steel. Secondly, there is a hydropneumatics self-leveling suspension. Thirdly, the suspension also includes a Girling automatic hydraulic ride height control system. Fourthly, the shock absorbers are a gas-charged design. Lastly, the front of the vehicle has ventilated disc brakes while the rear has solid disc brakes.

The Beginning of the Rolls-Royce Luxury Saloon

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I 1982 độc nhất tại Việt Nam – AUTOEXPRESSVN – YouTube

Note: The video is not in English but it is the best YouTube video showcasing the Silver Spirit Mark I.

The 1980-1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I was the beginning of the luxury saloon era. With it’s basis in most other Rolls-Royce saloon models, the Silver Spirit “shines bright like a diamond”. This unique sedan is now a collector’s car but the value hasn’t held up well. A Mark I Silver Spirit can now be found for only $20,000 to $40,000. Although the value didn’t withhold, the Silver Spirit Mark I is a fabulous collector’s car for the Rolls-Royce fan. In conclusion, the Silver Spirit Mark I deserves respect as the foundation for many Rolls-Royce saloons.

1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I - Front Corner in White - Wikimedia Commons - EuroDrift

1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I – Front Corner in White – Wikimedia Commons – EuroDrift


Sinkhole Eats $750,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom in China

$750,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom Meets Sinkhole

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, a sinkhole in china decided to swallow a $750,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom in China. At a value of 5 million yen, or $750,000 USD, the Phantom was unfortunately the target of the disaster. While waiting at a traffic light, the ground collapsed created a large sinkhole. This happened in a northeast China city on a typical day. Unfortunately, due to widespread construction corruption in China, the poor quality of the roads most likely led to this incident.

Driver Walked Away with No Injuries

Fortunately, the driver was able to walk away from the accident with no injuries. On the other hand, the Phantom sustained damage as it fell into the hole. The incident was recorded on video which will be available as part of this article. The driver made a statement about the accident shortly after. As you’d expect, he was completely unprepared for it.

“I was waiting at the traffic light here and was about to start the car at the turn of the green light when the road suddenly caved in” – Owner of Rolls-Royce Phantom

Poor Quality Construction of Some Roads Due to Corruption

The poor quality construction of roads was also seen during two other incidents this summer. In August, half a carriage way collapsed in the downtown section of a city in the Guangzi providence in southwestern China. The sinkhole was large enough to swallow an entire truck. Unfortunately, a scooter rider fell into the sinkhole due to being distracted on a phone. Luckily for the rider, they walked away with only minor injuries.

Sinkholes Eat Cars for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

In June, a massive sinkhole opened up in east China’s Jiangsu providence after days of heavy downpours. Heavy rain can test a road due to the amount of water on the surface as well as what seeps through the concrete. This leads to softer ground underneath the roadway which can lead to increased sinkhole risk. This sinkhole ended up swallowing a minivan and a tree on the side of the road. It seems that there were no injuries for this sinkhole as well, thankfully.

Thankfully, the Driver Wasn’t Injured in this Incident

Overall, sinkholes are not a friendly surprise. These usually catch the public by surprise and can happen anywhere in the world, even in the U.S.. It is unfortunate that the Rolls-Royce Phantom driver had to suffer the consequences on Sunday. But, it is fortunate that he was not injured according to news reports. In the end, hopefully the insurance company doesn’t give the driver a hard time on this claim – since it was obviously a random, unlucky occurrence.

2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan: Calling Out The Bentley Bentayga

In late 2018, Rolls-Royce expects to introduce their first SUV model into the worldwide market, the 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV

Rolls-Royce named the Cullinan after an enormous diamond of 3106.8 karats worth an estimated $400 million U.S. dollars. With this vehicle, Rolls-Royce intends to join the recently booming market of luxury SUVs. As with most Rolls-Royce vehicles, the Cullinan will have a hefty price tag of around $420,000, similar to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The obvious target audience for a car of this stature is the rich and wealthy. In reality, only a few percent of the world population can afford such an extravagant vehicle.

The 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan will be built on a new aluminum spaceframe architecture specifically designed for the vehicle. The Cullinan will sport 4×4 all-wheel drive as well as the typical Rolls-Royce V12 motor. Auto theorists suggest that the Cullinan may use the same engine as the Rolls-Royce Ghost, a 6.6-liter V12 twin-turbo with 563 horsepower and 605 lb.-ft. of torque. On top of this, the Cullinan will be offered in a Plug-In-Hybrid version to enter the electric auto market. In today’s world, providing the hybrid version makes sense as the V12 motor will obviously be a gas guzzler (although preferred).

2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Competition

Competition in the luxury SUV market has been very competitive in the last few years. The 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan will compete with a handful of other vehicles including the Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes-AMG G65, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and Range Rover Supercharged. Out of those vehicles, the biggest competition will be with the Bentley Bentayga. The other SUVs are half the price of the Bentayga and definitely will not be comparable to the Cullinan’s price. Recently, Rolls-Royce punched hard at Bentley with a comment by its CEO.

While revealing the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII in London, the Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös stated: “We are not using mass-manufactured body shells. That limits what you can do on the design side, and it undermines exclusivity massively. You don’t want a camouflaged Q7 in that segment. You want to have a true Rolls-Royce.”

Rolls-Royce called out Bentley over using the same mass-manufactured frame as the Audi Q7 on the Bentayga. For a better understanding, Volkswagen owns both Audi and Bentley. On top of that, Volkswagen owns Lamborghini and Porsche, two of the Cullinan’s market competition.

2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan is a Masterpiece

Overall, the 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan will be a masterpiece of an SUV. Probably worth over $400k, this vehicle will be a rare sight for people around the world. If assumptions are correct, the Cullinan should hit the market in late 2018 with its eyes on the prize. Although the Rolls-Royce CEO attacked the Bentley Bentayga, there is sure to be competition between the two competitors. Hopefully, the public will be able to see this beautiful vehicle at the 2018 auto shows around the world.

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