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Porsche Mission E: Tesla’s New EV Competitor

Porsche Mission E: Tesla’s New EV Competitor

Porsche Mission E to be Sold in 2019

In 2019, Porsche will begin selling the all-new Mission E sedan. The Porsche Mission E is a fully electric 4-seater sport sedan. The purpose of this vehicle is to compete in the electric vehicle industry which is the future of transportation. As expected, the Mission E has its eyes set on Tesla. On release, the Porsche Mission E will have a MSRP of about $85,000.

“Our core area of expertise lies in complex, efficient, and high-performance power trains – just look at the 918 Spyder or 919 Hybrid”, stated Stefan Weckbach, the Mission E project head.

Two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PSMs)

The Porsche Mission E sedan will sport two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSMs). These were used in the Porsche 919 Hybrid that won Le Mans. This system allows for energy recovery while braking that can be used to continue propulsion. One of these motors powers the front axle while the other powers the rear. With these motors, the Mission E can hit 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds. Surprisingly, the Mission E can hit 124 mph in less than 12 seconds – phew. These motors produce a combined 600+ horsepower.

“Fifteen minutes is an acceptable amount of charging time. And with 800 volts, it’s also feasible.” – Stefan Weckbach

800 Volt Charging System

In the Porsche Mission E, the voltage is double the standard charging value at 800 volts. This allows for shorter charging times and decreases the overall weight of the vehicle. With a lithium-ion battery, the Mission E can drive more than 300 miles on a single charge. To get another 250 miles, simply recharge for 15 minutes – enough time to grab coffee, or a quick meal. With an 800 volt charging system, the Mission E can still be recharged at a typical 400 volt recharging station.

Electric Vehicles are the Future

Overall, the Porsche Mission E is expected to stir up the electric vehicle market. As Tesla currently holds reign in this sub-industry, Porsche and other brands will be making their appearances in the next few years. From Audi to Mercedes-Benz to Porsche, each brand understands the need for a motion towards a fully electric future. Without an exhaust, the cars may not sound the same but they sure are just as fact – if not faster. In the end, auto enthusiasts will probably be happy to take the Mission E for a ride, or two.

Porsche Aims to Increase Taycan Production Due to Demand

Porsche Aims to Increase Taycan Production Due to Demand

High Demand for the Taycan

Due to strong demand, Porsche plans to increase Taycan production beyond 20,000 units per year. The Porsche Taycan is an all-electric vehicle, previously known as Mission E, that is taking the market by storm. Porsche received so many early reservations on the Taycan, that it is building a facility specifically for it. In Zuffenhausen, Germany, Porsche will build the Taycan at its own facility. Furthermore, this facility even includes an assembly line and paint shop. That means that the manufacturer has very high hopes for this model. With production beginning mid-2019, Porsche is getting ready to surge the auto market.

Basics About Porsche Taycan

Porsche Mission E - Side with Open Doors - IAA 2015 - Wikimedia - EuroDrift

Porsche Mission E – Side with Open Doors – IAA 2015 – Wikimedia – EuroDrift

Under the hood, the Porsche Taycan does not have a typical Porsche V6 or V8. But, this car does sport two permanently excited synchronous motors. These work in combo to produce over 600 horsepower. This power level will allow the Taycan to reach 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds. Furthermore, Porsche expects the Taycan to hit 124 mph in 12 seconds. Finally, with a 800 volt battery, the car can charge for 250 miles in around 15 minutes.

The Future of Porsche is Coming

Adam Levine drives the Mission E at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles – Porsche – YouTube

Overall, Porsche seems to be opening up more and more to electric vehicles. With the Porsche Taycan, the company will “dip its toes” into the electric auto market. This will surely shape the future of the company moving into the electric rush of the 2020s. Other companies are already working towards major releases such as the Audi E-Tron GT, the BMW iNext Vision, and the Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic. Currently, the Taycan will be split between the Cross Turismo and sedan variants with a Targa version possible in the future. Surprisingly, the largest demand for this car was in Norway with 3,000 paid down payment orders. Usually, Porsche only sells 600 total cars in this country. In conclusion, the Porsche Taycan is sure to stir up the electric auto market, including Tesla.

Porsche Mission E - Rear Corner - IAA 2015 - Wikimedia - EuroDrift

Porsche Mission E – Rear Corner – IAA 2015 – Wikimedia – EuroDrift

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