Welcome to EuroDrift.com! EuroDrift is a European automotive enthusiast community and website. EuroDrift provides users with articles, pictures, polls, and videos. New content is posted daily to the website as well as shared on social media (i.e. Facebook/Twitter). EuroDrift is always working to enhance user experience and expand website content and offerings. EuroDrift.com was initially purchased in 2010 for purposes of a personal automotive blog but the website was shutdown due to large amounts of spam in the site’s comments and forum. EuroDrift transferred ownership in 2014 to The JA Giunta Group who currently operates the website.

EuroDrift articles are written specifically for EuroDrift and are NOT free to share on any other website. EuroDrift pictures are obtained by EuroDrift or submitted to EuroDrift with authorization for use and are also NOT free to share. Lastly, most of the videos embedded on EuroDrift are obtained from a multitude of different YouTube channels that allow embedding of their content to websites via YouTube’s “Embed” option. Mostly all of the YouTube videos posted to EuroDrift are property of their respective channel’s owner(s) on YouTube and not property of EuroDrift. EuroDrift does not claim ownership of any videos on the website that are not shared directly from the official EuroDrift YouTube channel registered as official EuroDrift content.

Thank you for visiting EuroDrift.com!

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