BMW 3-Series Driver Receives 3 Months in Jail for Laser Jammer

BMW 3-Series Driver Receives 3 Months in Jail for Laser Jammer

What? Why? How? Seriously… What?

In recent news within the United Kingdom, a BMW 3-Series driver receives 3 months in jail for using a laser jammer. Yes, that was read correctly. Somehow, someway, a laser jammer can equate to jail time and a stiff fine. Unfortunately, Michael Twizell, 58 of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, learned the hard way. Firstly, laser jammers are illegal as their purpose is to interfere with speed signals. Police and speed cameras use laser to obtain the speed of a vehicle. By disrupting the signal, the driver disallows the police to read a speed. So, obviously, its purpose is to avoid speeding tickets. Hence, the law deciding it illegal to use while driving. So, to rub it in even more, the court decides a fine of $1,900 shall go along with the jail time. Honestly, that just seems quite ridiculous… a fine would’ve been enough in itself. It’s another modern day story of throwing away taxpayer money.

Statements by Traffic Constable Andy Forth

Due to the BMW 3-Series laser jammer jail time debate reaching big news, the Traffic Constable Andy Forth made statements:

“To use a device which is capable of interfering with police speed measurement is clearly as shown today a very serious matter… Drivers may face a custodial sentence for using such a device this way.” – Traffic Constable Andy Forth

So, obviously, the Traffic Constable sees this as a legitimate, serious problem. In the end, it is hard to dispute the use of a laser jammer. Where legal, simply use a laser and radar detector. It’ll offer information on detection. In most places, laser jammers are illegal. So, hence, check local laws and simply buy a detector.

“North Yorkshire Police will continue to investigate similar allegations when people use these devices to interfere with the normal course of justice… I advise anyone who may have a similar device fitted to their vehicle to think about the consequences of using such a device and strongly recommend that they remove it from their vehicle to avoid a future prosecution.”– Traffic Constable Andy Forth

With such strong emphasis on cutting down on laser jammers, it may be smart to disconnect or remove a laser jammer if there’s one installed on a vehicle. The jail time is definitely not worth the risk, it’ll be a less fine to simply speed about daily. But, this is not something EuroDrift promotes or advises. Be sure to follow the legal rules of driving on roads based on location. Cities, states, and countries can have different laws and punishments. Be sure to understand this well before hitting the road!

Jail Time & $1,900 for Laser Jammer

How Radar Detectors & Laser Jammer Work – The Speed Channel – Radar Busters – YouTube

Laser jammers seem like a great decision for a fast driver, but think again. 3 months in jail and a $1,900 fine are definitely not worth it. Why not just follow the speed limit and not worry? Well… many of us can ask the same question but won’t. In reality, a speeding fine is definitely easier to fight in court and cheaper on the pocket. Be sure to understand limits, as passing a certain speed can lead to loss of license and more. But, going 5 mph over the limit will probably not yield this punishment. Some states, such as PA, don’t ticket for up to 5 mph over. But, beyond that, it is a risk. So, speeding in the 720S may seem like a good idea, but save it for the track! Overall, simply put, don’t bother with a laser jammer, just buy a radar detector where legal.

Disclaimer: EuroDrift DOES NOT promote speeding or the use of illegal devices. Be sure to check local laws for speed and device limitations.

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