BMW E23 7 Series Limo Drifting at Auto City Speedway in Michigan

Drifting BMW E23 7 Series Limo at Auto City Speedway

During the MiDrift Halloween Bash at Auto City Speedway in Michigan, a BMW E23 7 series limo could be seen drifting the course. To the surprise of many, the driver of the E23 limo drifted it magically across the course with the odds stacked against them. The driver, sporting a Lebanese flag and plates, took to the course to show the world his driving skills. As the car skids across the tarmac, the limo shows its drifting capabilities that weren’t expected by anyone. By properly counter-steering and powering the throttle, the limo driver is able to perform quite the show.

BMW E23 7 Series Limo’s Model is a 745 Turbo

The BMW E23 7 Series is basically a modded 745 turbo with an automatic transmission and no limited slip differential. This makes this feat even more surprising and a differential plays the role in many drifting cars success. By counter-steering around 30-40 miles per hour, the limo could be drifted by increasing the speed and “throwing” around the vehicle. For drifting, it is optimal to have rear wheel drive and a manual transmission as well as a 50/50 front to rear ratio. There must be enough power to spin the tires, otherwise the drifts won’t succeed for very long, if at all.

How to Drift a Car: In Simple Terms

To drift a car, the driver needs to first accelerate and shift into a gear with room to rev the vehicle. Second, the driver needs to push in the clutch. Third, the driver needs to use steering to initiate the drift. Fourth, the driver needs to counter-steer and supply gas to maintain the drift. Lastly, the driver needs to manage the throttle to keep going for as long as possible. In the automatic car, the driver does not have the use of a clutch, so it more leans towards steering and throttle. It is unknown if the limo had an e-brake to help initiate the drifting or if the driver is strictly using steering and throttle.

Drifting BMW E23 7 Series Limo is an Epic Feat

Overall, drifting a BMW E23 7 series limo is an epic feat. The audience probably watched in complete awe as the limo skidded across the track. Not many people expect a limo to drift, but it is completely possible. By learning your vehicle, you’ll be able to teach yourself how to drift – as long as its powerful enough. The driver of this 7 series did a great job showing the world how to handle a limo on the track. In the end, watching this 7 series limo drift can be quite entertaining.


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