BMW iNext EV: Arriving in 2021

BMW Sets High Goal for EV Models

In recent years, BMW has shown high interest in achieving success within the electric vehicle (EV) market. In 2016, BMW announced the plans for the iNext EV vehicle. The BMW iNext EV will be a “new innovation driver, with autonomous driving, digital connectivity, intelligent lightweight design, a totally new interior and ultimately bringing the next generation of electro-mobility to the road” (Quote by BMW CEO Harald Krüger). The BMW iNext EV will probably take after the BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept. Furthermore, the list of features within the iNext EV are sure not to disappoint. At the BMW Annual General Meeting, the CEO presented the initial design for this new tech flagship.

435 Mile Range & SAE Level 3 Autonomous Driving

BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept - Side - Manufacturer Picture - EuroDrift

BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept – Side – Manufacturer Picture – EuroDrift

The BMW iNext EV boasts a ton of amazing features. Firstly, the iNext EV will offer a mileage range up to 435 miles. And yes, this is on one charge, not two or three. Secondly, there will be SAE level 3 autonomous driving tech with level 4 arriving within a year or so. This means that eyes on the road and hands on the wheel do not apply. Scary? Maybe. Not really. These features in themselves are a great feat for the BMW engineering team.

Expect 25 Electric BMW Models by 2025

BMW Vision Next 100 – interior Exterior and Drive – CAR TV – YouTube

By 2025, BMW plans to offer 25 electric vehicles, with 12 being fully electric. This means that BMW will offer mostly hybrids but with almost half being fully electric. This is quite an impressive goal and there will no doubt be competition in this field for the years to come. Recently shown in Beijing, the BMW all-electric X3 may arrive as early as 2020. Later in 2018, BMW will show the iNext EV as a “Vision Vehicle” concept to the world. Production for the iNext EV should begin in Dingolfing, Germany in 2021. In conclusion, BMW is aiming to achieve a full offering of electric vehicles in less than 10 years.

Note: The BMW iNext EV and the BMW i Vision are not the same vehicle. The BMW i Vision is shown above for an understanding of the futuristic designs of BMW.

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