BMW Vehicle Subscription Service: Testing in Nashville

BMW Begins Offering Subscription Service in Nashville

2018 BMW M2 - Front - PAS 2018 - EuroDrift

2018 BMW M2 – Front – PAS 2018 – EuroDrift

Just this week, BMW began testing their new BMW vehicle subscription service in Nashville, Tennessee. Similar to the Cadillac and Volvo subscription services, drivers can request vehicles through a mobile app and if desired, can even drive a different car every day of the month.

Once you request your car from the BMW subscription service, a concierge from the local dealer delivers the car to you. It comes fully fueled and detailed and you can even have them preset the car to match your preferences.

Lease, Buy, or Use the BMW Vehicle Subscription Service?

2018 BMW M4 - Front - PAS 2018 - EuroDrift

2018 BMW M4 – Front – PAS 2018 – EuroDrift

Most people are familiar with the buying and leasing process. What they may not realize is how the BMW subscription service might better fit their needs.

A lease can allow you to drive a car for a lower monthly sum than it takes to finance a purchase. For many, it’s a way to drive a nicer car without having a hefty down payment. However, when leasing, you are tied to that one vehicle for the term of your lease and you still have to find auto insurance and maintain the car.

Subscription plans allow you to “own” or “rent” a car month-to-month. This is perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of owning or maintaining a car year around. The BMW subscription service also includes insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance as part of the subscription fee.

How Much Does It Cost?

BMW’s New Subscription Service I Fortune – Fortune Magazine – YouTube

The cost of the BMW vehicle subscription service is similar to that of other car companies. For between $2,000 and $3,700, BMW lovers can pick between various models such as the BMW M2, the 5 Series, and the X5.

For hybrid enthusiasts, the 530e iPerformance and X5 xDrive40e iPerformance are also available.

And if speed is your thing, then you might want to tool around town in the M4 convertible, M5, M6 convertible, X5M, or X6M.

As of now, the BMW vehicle subscription service is still in the testing phase. Nashville should allow them to learn and grow the program to better meet the needs of their customers before launching it across the country.

2018 BMW X2 - Front - PAS 2018 - EuroDrift

2018 BMW X2 – Front – PAS 2018 – EuroDrift

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