BMW Will Never Build a FWD M Car… Good!

BMW Front-Wheel Drive

In 2014, BMW introduced a front-wheel drive car to market – the 2 Series Active Tourer. Shocking to many, thoughts of brand degradation flooded the internet. Truthfully, FWD will not ruin the BMW brand. In 2017, BMW is considering bringing the FWD 1 Series to the states. Regardless, this does not signal the death of BMW’s reputation. Most auto enthusiasts will be happy to hear that BMW has no plans to engineer a FWD M model.

Expansion of the M Badge Designation

In recent years, BMW expanded the number of vehicles sporting the M badge. This includes M-tuned trim levels that increase the look and performance of non-M models. Fortunately, this does not mean that BMW will provide a M badge to a FWD vehicle. With the 1 and 2 series sporting FWD, these cars will remain base line models. BMW’s Vice President of the M division spoke to Autocar recently with a clear statement.

Statement by Vice President of M Division

“You have to be able to feel the car… through the steering and the throttle,” stated Dirk Hacker, VP of the M division. “Today, there is no solution for front-wheel drive.” This statement supports the backing that BMW will not label a FWD car with the M badge. Regardless of this statement, BMW has accepted all-wheel drive for the new M5. Not surprisingly, some fans aren’t happy with the change… but that’s too bad.

Don’t Worry… There’ll Be No FWD M Car… At Least, For Now

Overall, BMW does not intend to label a FWD with the M badge. Although the BMW M5 sports AWD, the M lineup has preferred RWD throughout the years. AWD may not be the worst thing for a M car. The acceleration and traction will absolutely increase performance. But, the best option is for BMW to stick to its M model RWD tradition. In the end, BMW will ensure the M label maintains it’s level of prestige for the years to come.

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