Bugatti Considers Entering the Sedan Market

Bugatti Considers Entering the Sedan Market

Venturing into New Terrain

The new Bugatti CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, has stated that the company is considering a second model to sell alongside the popular Chiron. Bugatti has considered entering the Sedan Market but tends to favor the SUV body style instead.

“It’s clear that if we do something different from a super-sports car like the Chiron, then it would not be enough just to be in love with one type of car…We would look at every body style and regional demand and not put our money into something that is fading”. 

Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti CEO

His reference to “something that is fading” was towards the saloon, or sedan as they are known in non-European markets. Apparently, there has been a decline in sedan sales in the European market, while SUVs have seen an increased demand.

It’s true that prior to the arrival of their new CEO, the company worked on the idea of a four-door sedan using the Galibier name. However, indications are that the market would better support an SUV body style.

Breaking into the SUV Market

Lamborghini Urus - Front Corner - Manufacturer Picture - EuroDrift
Lamborghini Urus – Front Corner – Manufacturer Picture – EuroDrift

Winkelmann has experience in the SUV market. He was part of the conception of the Lamborghini Urus SUV which has been launched.

Bugatti is not the only car manufacturer whose looking at the possibility of a new SUV. Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley also want a piece of the action. Ferrari project, known as Purosange, will feature plug-in hybrid technology and be the fastest vehicle of its type. This could make competition for a Bugatti SUV even stiffer.

Timeline for the Next Bugatti Model

2016 Bugatti Royale INTERIOR 5-door Fastback Bugatti Veyron? Bugatti Sedan Commercial CARJAM TV HD – YouTube

Whether sedan or SUV, it does look as if the new Bugatti model is not the only project for the Volkswagen Group. It may have to take a backseat to their electric vehicle and autonomous technology development. However, with the current popularity of the Chiron, their priorities could change.

By the way, LEGO built an awesome Chiron model, check it out here!

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