Bugatti Crossover with 1,000+ Horsepower May Head to Production

Bugatti Crossover with 1,000+ Horsepower May Head to Production

Bugatti Crossover in Consideration at Manufacturer

Recently, Bugatti is seeking to add a second model to their lineup alongside the Chiron. With rumors spreading across the market, Bugatti has two possibilities. One of the biggest considerations is a Bugatti Crossover. While not a full-out SUV, it would be similar to the Urus, but more compact and lightweight. It’d also sport a ton more power than the Urus, as well as the upcoming Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. So, if given the green light by Volkswagen Group, a crossover could come to market from Bugatti. It’s basically a revival of the Royale in ultra-luxury limousine style crossover.

Although the CEO of Bugatti, Stephan Winkelmann, is against SUVs, that doesn’t rule out the crossover. To back this up, Winkelmann actually oversaw the development of the Urus. So, building a similar crossover wouldn’t be a complete surprise. There’s also consideration of a 2-door crossover sports car. Depending on VW’s decision, Bugatti will move forward with either car, or neither. For all anyone knows, VW will decline both choices, leading to chaos amongst Bugatti news outlets.

Over 1,000+ Horsepower via V8 & Electric Motors

So, as with most Bugatti models, this car will boast an obnoxious amount of power. If the Bugatti Crossover is to become a reality, this car would probably sport the Urus’ motor. This is a 641 horsepower 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. Furthermore, the engine would receive backup from an electrical motor to reach a goal of over 1k horsepower. In combo, these engines would make this vehicle one of the most powerful crossovers in the world.

Who Doesn’t Want a Bugatti Crossover?

If Bugatti Divo and Lamborghini Urus had a baby – Jimmy Huynh – YouTube

So, who doesn’t want a Bugatti Crossover? Well, surprisingly, there’s people that probably don’t. But, most of us auto enthusiasts do. Obviously, only time will tell if it will happen… or not. Regardless, expect a possible Bugatti unveil at an upcoming auto show… maybe. Furthermore, manufacturers are moving into a greener, fully electric future. So, using electricity to help power this vehicle is basically a requirement. And, the market has already shown electric vehicles (EVs) are popular. Although, some people may need help moving on from their gasoline engine. But many drivers are already ready and willing to do so.

Bugatti Crossover SUV - Rear Corner - Unknown Creator - EuroDrift

Bugatti Crossover SUV – Rear Corner – Unknown Creator – EuroDrift

Note: The images and video for this article are not official by Bugatti. Hence, the pictures and video only represent possibilities for design – by outside sources. For the real design, await Bugatti’s unveil in the upcoming future. Currently, the crossover is only an idea awaiting approval. Thanks for understanding!

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