Driving a McLaren P1 GTR into McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Driving a McLaren P1 GTR into McDonald’s Drive-Thru

“I’ll Take a #2 with Fries”

In modern times, picking up food at a drive-thru is a typical part of life. Regardless of whether it is healthy or not, everyone does it. But, usually, sports cars are rarely seen doing so. How about a McLaren P1 GTR? Yes, a McLaren P1 GTR recently took a drive into the McDonald’s drive-thru! That’d be one heck of a surprise for anyone working there. Hopefully, someone had an interest in cars and knew what it is. Sometimes, any car will do. Just as Roman Pearce said, “we hungry”.

McLaren P1 GTR Specs

McLaren P1 GTR - Front Corner - TheTFJJ on YouTube - EuroDrift

McLaren P1 GTR – Front Corner – TheTFJJ on YouTube – EuroDrift

The McLaren P1 GTR sports a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8. This motor produces a whopping 986 horsepower. From 0 to 60 mph, the GTR takes slightly under 2.8 seconds with right conditions. The top speed has a limit of 217 mph by the manufacturer. Furthermore, this car’s value is conservatively around $5 million USD. The GTR is a celebration of McLaren’s 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans victory. Regardless, this car is an amazing feat of engineering.

Cruising in Style… with Food!

$5 MILLION McLaren P1 GTR McDonald’s DRIVE THRU, DONUTS, and DRIFTING!! – TheTFJJ – YouTube

The McLaren P1 GTR speaks for itself. It is an amazing supercar that is built to win. But, sometimes people just want to cruise and grub. Cruising in GTR style with some McDonald’s doesn’t sound too terrible. Just be sure to not spill the dip for the nuggets… that might be a disaster. Otherwise, who wouldn’t hop in for the ride? Overall, the P1 GTR is definitely a vehicle that can handle the drive-thru. But, don’t worry, this video includes donuts and drifting as well!

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