Ferrari Santa Spreads Holiday Spirit in Style

Ferrari Santa Spreads Holiday Spirit in Style

Santa’s New Sleigh: Ferrari 458

Every year, Santa comes to town flying upon his magical sleigh led by reindeer. But, recently, Santa has been spotted with a new sleigh. Ferrari Santa enjoys driving a 458 around town. Obviously, this was quite a good choice in upgrade, as it arrives with 568 reindeer power, oops… horsepower. The Ferrari 458 is quite a magnificent car, so using it to spread holiday cheer is pretty cool. Also, Merry Christmas to everyone that reads this article on the day of release – Christmas 2018! And, obviously, every year thereafter!

Basics About the Ferrari 458

With Ferrari Santa driving around town, it is good etiquette to understand his vehicle. The Ferrari 458 sports a 4.5-liter Ferrari F136 F V8 engine. This motor produces 568 base horsepower and 398 lb.-ft. of torque. The motor works in combo with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Furthermore, with a rear mid-engine and RWD, this car can cause quite the stir. There’s no more wondering when Santa is coming to town, everyone will know. Particularly, by the mighty Ferrari V8 roaring thru town.

Merry Christmas 2018!

Ferrari Santa Claus Spreading Christmas Spirit!! RICHKIDSTV – DREY – YouTube

Santa’s new Ferrari is definitely a great way to surprise kids during the holidays. Ferrari Santa, although not the real one, drives around a town handing gifts to children far and wide. During the holidays, kids bring the most joy, and this is a great way to lighten up their days. Many of these kids may remember this for the rest of their life. How often does Ferrari Santa pull up in his 458 to provide gifts on the fly? Not often! Overall, Ferrari Santa is an awesome guy spreading holiday spirit to the children.

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