How to Avoid Drunk Driving 101

How to Avoid Drunk Driving 101

Drunk Driving Is Never A Good Option

Drunk driving is a major problem in the United States today. Every day, 29 people die due to alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes. This equates to one person every 50 minutes… wow. Fortunately, these numbers have fallen by a third in the last 3 decades. Regardless, this issue still takes the lives from over 10,000 people a year in the U.S. alone.

Overall, 28% of driving fatalities relate to alcohol. Sadly, 1,233 children were killed in 2016 alone due to alcohol-impairment while driving. These unfortunate statistics provided by the NHTSA for 2016 are utterly terrible. On top of the loss of life, the dilemma cost $44 billion USD in 2010. Now, it is time to make a change, starting with education. The purpose of this article is to provide 5 ways to reduce the risk of drunk driving.

1. Always Manage Alcohol Intake

Pouring Shots of Alcohol - Pixabay - EuroDrift

Pouring Shots of Alcohol – Pixabay – EuroDrift

Drunk driving is one of the worst decisions that one can make in life. It takes mere seconds for a driving accident to occur to anyone. This is why managing alcohol intake is very important. Alcohol can provide a fun experience to many, but it still needs to be used in moderation. Too much alcohol can lead to a hangover, and worse, even lead to disease or death.

Drinking responsibly is the best option for a happier, more fulfilling life. There are many views on how to accomplish this on the internet. Honestly, it seems the most reasonable option is one drink per hour with a bottle of water. This will help reduce hangover risk as well as help you manage intake. But, in reality, many people enjoy to down more than a few drinks a night. If this is the situation, be sure to thoroughly think about the 4 options below. The decision to drunk drive can cost you your life, or the rest of your life in expense and regret.

2. Choose a Designated Driver

Driving a Car - Designated Driver - Pixabay - EuroDrift

Driving a Car – Designated Driver – Pixabay – EuroDrift

Whenever planning to go out for a drink, it is a great choice to have a designated driver. Rather than drunk driving, pick a family member or friend to hold back on drinking that night. These people can still provide great company for the night. Even if they aren’t keeping up on the margaritas. Anyone that agrees to be a designated driver should plan to skip drinking that night. Or, only have 1-2 drinks over the course of a few hours. This way, impairment won’t be a concern for the ride home. But, do keep in mind, the weight of an individual does relate to blood alcohol content (BAC).

3. Lyft, Uber, or Taxi

Taxis in City - Pixabay - EuroDrift

Taxis in City – Pixabay – EuroDrift

In the United States, Lyft and Uber services are available pretty much everywhere. Drunk driving can be easily avoided in cities and surrounding areas by simply using these services. Lyft and Uber are transportation services in which a vehicle will pick-up and drop-off to specific locations. Taking a Lyft or Uber to the bar and back home is easy and safe. Although, it is always best to travel with friends, especially if impairment is high. Be sure to plan ahead as Lyft/Uber can handle multiple stops to drop everyone at home safely. A great idea is for the least impaired person to get home last, this way they can ensure everyone else makes it in safely. Worst case, if a Lyft or Uber isn’t available, a taxi can still be found on the streets in most cities.

4. Portable Breathalyzers

BACtrack Mobile Pro - Product to Scale with iPhone - BACtrack Manufacturer Picture - EuroDrift

BACtrack Mobile Pro – Product to Scale with iPhone – BACtrack Manufacturer Picture – EuroDrift

In modern years, portable breathalyzers have flooded the market. These devices, if used properly, can help avoid drunk driving. Although, it is best to be aware as the cheaper the product, the higher the chance that it will show incorrect data. If purchasing a portable breathalyzer is a though, be sure to do proper research to find the best options. For example, one well-known provider is BACtrack. Furthermore, be sure that the device is properly calibrated. This can be done by having a drink, waiting the specified time by the produce, and blowing into the mouthpiece. Sometimes, it may be hard to tell if the number is off, so be sure to check with the manufacturer.

5. Public Transportation

Metro Subway in Europe - Train Moving on Tracks - Pixabay - EuroDrift

Metro Subway in Europe – Train Moving on Tracks – Pixabay – EuroDrift

In 2018, public transportation on drinking night may not sound optimal. But, public transportation is safer than drunk driving. Public transportation includes buses, regional rail, and subway trains. These modes of transportation can offer safe means of travel. Firstly, buses run stops around designated pathways via the streets. Secondly, regional rail allows people to transport between long distance areas such as the far suburbs. Lastly, subway trains offer transport around the areas of the city. The best option is to plan ahead to understand where you’re going and how to accommodate it via the public transportation in your area.

Drunk Driving is Completely Avoidable

People Try A Drunk Driving Simulator – BuzzFeedBlue – YouTube

In conclusion, drunk driving is a completely avoidable scenario. Rather than drunk drive, consider drinking moderately, using transportation services, or designating a driver. Any of these options is a better choice than driving drunk. Be smart, it will reward you with life and less expenses and regret. This article absolutely doesn’t stand for giving up a good night out. Going out for a great time drinking can still be fun, just do it responsibly. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, it provides some insight into safer ways to handle nights on town.

Disclaimer: This article is written to provide ideas to the reader to avoid drunk driving. Any accident, incident, issue with ways above, or misunderstanding is at the risk of the reader. The company and website do not offer any guarantees on this content. This is written to bring awareness as these options are better than drunk driving.

Source of Data: NHTSA –

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