How to Transport Christmas Trees Safely on a Vehicle

How to Transport Christmas Trees Safely on a Vehicle

Christmas Tree Transport Safety 101

During “the most wonderful time of the year” (Christmas), trees are a tradition leading to roughly 25 to 30 million individual sales per year. Yes, over 25 million trees are sold every year for the holiday season. With this concept arrives the question, how to transport Christmas trees safely on a vehicle? Well, the reason for this article is to provide tips on exactly that! A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that debris on U.S. roadways led to over 200,000 accidents over a 3-year period. Some of these accidents were due to trees falling off vehicles. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure you follow the tips below to minimize risk in transporting the beloved tree!

Tips for Christmas Tree Transport

Now, the purpose of this section is to provide tips how to transport Christmas trees safely on a vehicle. The National Christmas Tree Association has quite a few tips for how to handle this. Here, the tips are broken down into simpler, more straight-forward terms for ease of understanding:

  1. Ask for Tree to be Netted prior to Loading onto the Vehicle
  2. Ensure Tree Trunk is Pointing forward Towards the Front Bumper
  3. Ensure Tree Fits within Cargo Area or on Roof Rack Properly
  4. Use Rope to Secure Tree in Cargo Area or on Roof Rack
  5. A Blanket, Sheet, or Tarp Should be Used in Cargo Area or on Roof to Protect the Tree & Vehicle
  6. Tug Tree to Ensure it is Properly Secured to Vehicle
  7. Drive Slowly & Avoid Highways While Transporting Tree

Note: Tips #1 & #2 help reduce wind damage to pine needles.

Note #2: If the vehicle is a pick-up truck, avoid “hot spots”. These areas include regions above the exhaust, where the metal may be warmer than other spots of the trunk bed. This will help protect the tree furthermore.

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

How to Transport a Christmas Tree – – YouTube

To millions of people worldwide, the holiday season is “the most wonderful time of the year”. Hence, this article brings to light the concept of transporting trees safely. Now, there’s no reason to wonder how to transport Christmas trees safely on a vehicle. Simply follow the tips above and this should help with the overall task at hand. This guide DOES NOT GUARANTEE the safety of the car or tree during transport. That is solely up to whomever is in control of the transport work. Also, plenty of tree pop-ups and stores offer delivery, and even setup. Consider this option to save oneself the hassle of struggling with the transport. This may save the Audi A5 or BMW M5 from roof damage. In conclusion, transporting Christmas trees safely is important to everyone on the road, and the tree itself.

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