Hurricane Harvey & Irma: Damaging 1 Million Cars

Hurricanes Destroy Estimated 1 Million Cars

In an unfortunate series of events, the United States was battered in the second half of 2017 with two major hurricane impacts. Hurricane Harvey and Irma have caused an estimated 1,000,000 cars to be damaged by the storms. Hurricane Harvey impacted the Texan gulf coast as well as the major city fo Houston. On the other hand, Hurricane Irma took aim at Florida’s keys and west coast. Worst of all, tens of thousands of people were displaced in both storms as they had to depart their homes for safety.

100,000 Auto Insurance Claims by September 3, 2017

Hurricanes are storms well known for their destructive power between flooding, rain, and wind. Unfortunate for many, tens of thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed. As of September 3, 2017, there had been 100,000 auto insurance claims due to Harvey alone. Harvey is estimated to have destroyed between 300,000 and 500,000 vehicles that were in its path. Only a portion of those vehicles have requested insurance coverage but that is expected to increase dramatically moving through September. On the other hand, Hurricane Irma hit not too long after wreaking havoc on the keys and Florida’s west coast, damaging hundreds of thousand cars itself.

Hurricane Harvey Destroyed More Cars Than Katrina & Sandy

Hurricane Harvey destroyed more cars the Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Honestly, Hurricane Harvey may have caused more damaged vehicles than both of those storms combined. Hurricane Katrina damaged 200,000 cars while Hurricane Sandy damaged 250,000 cars, a total of 450,000. If the 500,000 estimate is more correct, this one storm had double the destructive power. In Houston, the 4th largest city in America, an estimated 94.4% of households own a vehicle according to Cox Automotive.

One of Worst U.S. Hurricane Seasons on Record

As one of the worst hurricane seasons on record in history, the 2017 season wreaked havoc for many. From damaged homes to vehicles, Hurricane Harvey caused an estimated $75-95 billion in damages. At this point, the areas effected are beginning to return to what was once “home” to begin rebuilding and move forward. One of the best options for each of these locations would be to evaluate storm protocols and systems to implement better protection for their citizens. In the end, the survivors of these hurricanes need support to turn their destructed land into home once again.

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