Koenigsegg Crash Tests Sound Quite Expensive, But Necessary!

Every Legal Street Car Must Pass Crash Test Analysis

In recent news, Koenigsegg crash tests are in the spotlight. Why? Because Koenigsegg, a hypercar manufacturer, builds a limited number of exclusive models at extremely steep prices. Hence, a crash test in itself can be a multi-million-dollar ordeal. So, how does a small manufacturer handle these extensive costs? Well, by using a one frame method for testing rather than building multiple fully functional vehicles. This will be the topic in the next section of the article.

About one week ago, the APEX ONE YouTube channel put up the video seen below discussing this exact issue. In the video, employees and even Christian von Koenigsegg himself speaks of the testing experience. Check it out below!

One Carbon Fiber Monocoque Frame for Testing Purposes

For testing purposes, Koenigsegg builds one carbon fiber monocoque frame. Then, the manufacturer adds on body panels, crumple zones, and subframes. These three components can be easily replaced, while the main frame would require a lot more funding and work. So, the goal for the company is to build a vehicle to withstand multiple Koenigsegg crash tests. Starting with drop-offs, head-on collisions into tires, and massive speed bumps, the car is pushed to its limit.

Just thinking about these tests can cause distress in any auto fan, especially for lowered vehicle drivers. And, furthermore, it’s difficult to imagine an Agera RS taking such a beating. Finally, the car undergoes more testing such as hammering, slamming, and even an airbag dummy test. Phew! Why must this beautiful car suffer!? For safety! That’s why!

Koenigsegg Hypercars are Legendary Automobiles

How To Crash A $2 Million Koenigsegg Hypercar – www.APEX.one – APEX ONE -YouTube

Overall, the Koenigsegg manufacturer builds legendary automobiles. Every single model is unique, limited, and worth a fortune. Owning a Koenigsegg is a car collector’s dream. And, knowing Koenigsegg crash tests ensure the car’s safety, it can be driven once a year for that weekend get together. As most people suspect, driving a multi-million-dollar car carries quite a steep insurance payment. Recently, Auto Insurance Center stated a Bugatti Veyron can run $50,000 a year for insurance. So, this car isn’t probably far off. Hence, most people probably don’t daily drive these cars. A fender bender could cost 6-digits, especially if the damage is extensive. Hands down, these cars are build for the track and tested to handle those conditions.

Warning: Watch the video below at your own discretion. The destruction of such a vehicle may cause nightmares.

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