Koenigsegg One:1 – The World’s First “Megacar”

The World’s First “Megacar”

The Koenigsegg One:1 is known as the world’s first megacar. Introduced in 2014, the One:1 was only a concept and prototype through 2015. The reasoning behind the name is due to two factors. The first factor is the horsepower-to-kilogram curb weight ratio is 1:1. A 1:1 hp-to-kg is the dream ratio of auto design equations. The second factor is that the One:1 has one megawatt of power. This ratio makes the One:1 the first homologated production car in the world… and yes, it has one megawatt of power!

5.0-Liter DOHC Twin-Turbocharged V8 Engine

The Koenigsegg One:1 sports a 5.0-liter DOHC twin-turbocharged V8 engine with 4 valves per cylinder and a flex-fuel capability. This motor produces a whopping 1 megawatt of power, or 1341 horsepower, and 1011 lb.-ft. of torque. The rev limiter of the One:1 is limited to 8250 rpm. Within the engine bay, a 7-speed dual-clutch 1-input shaft transmission complements the motor. And yes, this transmission does arrive with paddle shifters… but no manual transmission. The One:1 only takes 2.6 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. From 0 to 249 mph, the One:1 only takes 20 seconds, making this car a beastly powerhouse. From 249 to 0 mph, this car can stop in as little as 10 seconds. Lastly, through cornering, this car can reach 2.0 G!

Le-Mans Active Wing Config, Venturi Tunnels, & More!

Not to surprise, the Koenigsegg One:1 is loaded with a ton of amazing features. On the exterior, the One:1 has extended Venturi tunnels and side splitters as well as unique track-optimized aero winglets. On the rear of the exterior, a Le-Mans inspired active wing configuration displays a dedication to race engineering. Underneath the vehicle, an optimized under trim air management system is in place. The large air vents allow for cooling while the roof air scoop supports the 1 MW of power. For tires, the One:1 has custom-made Michelin Cup Tires to handle the power and speed of this vehicle. Lastly, for wheels, the car features the revolutionary Koenigsegg Aircore carbon fiber rims.

Enhanced Rear Triplex Suspension & Double Wishbones

On the suspension side, the system has multiple advanced features to benefit the vehicle’s handling. First, there is an enhanced rear triplex suspension with active shock absorbers and carbon bevel springs. This active system also supports a ride height feature. Next, this car also features double wishbones. This suspension works together to create remarkable handling in a beastly vehicle.

High Modulus Carbon Fiber Chassis with F1 Honeycomb Core

The Koenigsegg One:1 also features a handful of other surprises such as its advanced high modulus carbon fiber chassis. This chassis has a F1 style honeycomb core and integrated fuel tanks. Next, to benefit cooling of the brakes, this car features a ventilated ceramic system. For steering, the One:1 uses a rack-and-pinion steering assisted system. Finally, the car’s last major feature is the F1 traction control with 5 different handling modes.

Only Six Models at $2,100,000 Each!

The Koenigsegg One:1 is the world’s first true megacar. With its hp-to-kg ratio of 1:1 and 1 MW of power, this car is the definition of the future of race cars. The number of custom features makes this car a one-of-a-kind vehicle. This vehicle is limited to only six models which are worth a value of $2,100,000. For a car collector, this car is a great investment as with the limited production, the price of this vehicle should only go up in the future. In conclusion, the Koenigsegg One:1 is one heck of a vehicle that pushes the limits of engineering to the max.

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