Lotus Type 130: The UK’s 1st All-Electric Supercar

Lotus Type 130: The UK’s 1st All-Electric Supercar

Lotus Ends 10-Year Hiatus with All-Electric Supercar

“Type 130 will be the most dynamically accomplished Lotus in our history.” – Lotus CEO Phil Popham

In the current decade, Lotus has been sitting by the sideline with no clear plans for a new vehicle. But, this changes with a new major announcement. The Lotus Type 130 will be the company’s 1st vehicle in the last decade. It will also be the United Kingdom’s 1st electric supercar. So, with this, not only does Lotus plan to break the 10-year hiatus, they also plan to be the first electric supercar from the U.K. The car made its debut at Auto Shanghai 2019 with an expected sale date in 2020. And, for those that don’t know, this will be the first car since the Geely buyout. Geely is a Chinese car manufacturer that also owns Lynk & Co. plus Volvo.

What Engine? How Much Power? Sadly, Not Enough Details!

So, after reading about the Lotus Type 130 all-electric supercar, a question lingers on… what engine and how much power? Well, currently, there’s enough information to elaborate on this topic. Obviously, being an all-electric vehicle (EV), this car should not have any combustion power at all. So, it will most likely sport multiple electric motors. These motors will most likely drive individual wheels, or the front and rear separately. This is the usual design for these types of vehicles. And, a battery compartment will be necessary, probably in the front or rear hood where space was previously in use by a gasoline motor.

Lotus Sets High Expectations for Upcoming Model

Introducing the Lotus Type 130 – Lotus Cars – YouTube

With the Lotus Type 130 all-electric supercar, the manufacturer sets a goal of high expectations. Being the first fully electric supercar from Britain is an accomplishment. Rolls-Royce may not be in the market, but Bentley definitely could be. Bentley builds some great luxury vehicles and will probably try to offer an electric Continental at some point. If not, they’re slacking on the upcoming decade of EVs. But, only time will tell, as not enough info is currently available. Overall, Lotus is coming back from their hiatus and people are looking forward to it!

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