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2017 AD Tramontana: A Fighterjet on Wheels at SEMA 2017 Debut

2017 AD Tramontana: A Fighterjet on Wheels at SEMA 2017 Debut

The 2017 AD Tramontana Debuts at SEMA

2017 AD Tramontana - Front - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Front – Vilner – EuroDrift

At the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Tramontana made its debut. The 2017 AD Tramontana is a two-seater sports car with a matte black and gold paint job. Tramontana is a Catalan company out of Spain that started back in 2005. Tramontana handcrafts their vehicles leading to a limited number of luxury super cars. Lastly, the 2017 AD Tramontana includes the help of Vilner, a Bulgarian customization company.

Tramontana Manufacters Vehicles Based on Commission

2017 AD Tramontana - Front Open Canopy - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Front Open Canopy – Vilner – EuroDrift

All of the cars that Tramontana manufacturers are on commission per individual client requests. This means that the clients have a large say in how the car should turn out. No surprise, the perfect place to showcase such a flashy car was at SEMA 2017. Las Vegas and flashiness go together, making this the perfect car to hit the casinos with. While pulling up to the Bellagio in a typical sports car may not attain enough attention for some people – the 2017 AD Tramontana will.

2017 AD Tramontana - Side Open Canopy - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Side Open Canopy – Vilner – EuroDrift

Mercedes-Benz 5.5-Liter Twin-Turbo Mid-Engine V12 

2017 AD Tramontana - Engine Bay - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Engine Bay – Vilner – EuroDrift

The 2017 AD Tramontana sports a Mercedes-Benz 5.5-liter twin-turbo mid-engine V12. As a result,  this motor produces a whopping 888 horsepower and 678 lb.-ft. of torque. Consequently, to handle this power, the Tramontana has a seven-speed sequential gearbox. In addition, the Tramontana only weights 2,795 pounds. With that power and weight combination, this car should be a scary, thrilling joyrider.

Statement by the Founder of Vilner Studio

2017 AD Tramontana - Rear - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Rear – Vilner – EuroDrift

“You are nobody in the automotive custom scene if you’re not as SEMA,” stated Ayana’s Vilner, the Vilner studio’s founder. “We were there as an exclusive partner to the Spanish Super Car brand AD Tramontana.” SEMA is known for its custom, flashy vehicles that are on display each year. With that in mind, this is the place to be to showcase a truly custom supercar. The 2017 AD Tramontana fits the bill perfectly.

Race Car Style Interior with Alcantara, Black, & Gold

2017 AD Tramontana - Interior - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Interior – Vilner – EuroDrift

On the interior, there are two seats that are in a row, one behind the other. The driver takes the first seat while a passenger can fit behind them. It doesn’t seem there is much legroom or room for obesity in this vehicle. Imagine the tiny size of the Alfa Romeo 4C and think “even smaller”.

2017 AD Tramontana - Seat - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Seat – Vilner – EuroDrift

Each interior is individually crafted by Atelier. The combination of black alcantara, black leather, and lizard-texture goldfish leather combine to create a cozy, sporty feeling. The horn buttons are hidden underneath the leather, not surprisingly. At the top of the wheel, there is a gold central marker that keeps the car pointed in the correct direction.

2017 AD Tramontana - Dashboard - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Dashboard – Vilner – EuroDrift

The 2017 Tramontana Will Roar Down the Track

2017 AD Tramontana - Side Overhead - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Side Overhead – Vilner – EuroDrift

“That engine can generate a genuine sense of superiority for the driver,” Vilner stated. “And that kind of self-esteem should be defined by the design inside as well.” The 5.5-liter Mercedes V12 definitely doesn’t disappoint. With placement in such as light vehicle, this car will be roaring down the track. Or, maybe roaring up the driveway to one of Las Vegas’ finest casinos.

2017 AD Tramontana - Side - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Side – Vilner – EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana - Side Open Canopy - Vilner - EuroDrift

2017 AD Tramontana – Side Open Canopy – Vilner – EuroDrift

The 2017 AD Tramontana Debuted at the Right Place – SEMA

Overall, the 2017 AD Tramontana is a true race car. Built with a sporty, stylish design, this car will be the showcase special at most events. These cars are highly customizable, leading to more satisfaction for individual consumers. Not to mention, the car opens up like a fighter jet with a top hatch rather than doors. All in all, this car is a special vehicle that made the right decision by showcasing at SEMA.

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione: An Aerodynamic Engineering Masterpiece

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione: An Aerodynamic Engineering Masterpiece

Introduction of the Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione - Rear - Ferrari - EuroDrift

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione – Rear – Ferrari – EuroDrift

Recently, in October 2017, Ferrari introduced the FXX-K Evoluzione to the world. The Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione is an enhanced version of the FXX-K, which both stem from the LaFerrari. Many people believe this is Ferrari’s answer to the Mercedes-AMG Project One. Although the total number of production models is unknown, this car is going to cost a few million. It may be expensive, more so than the FXX-K, but it will be well worth the price increase. Ferrari intends to race the FXX-K Evo in the 2018-2019 racing season which includes 9 track events starting in March 2018.

Electric Motor & V12 Produce 1036 Horsepower

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione - Side - Ferrari - EuroDrift

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione – Side – Ferrari – EuroDrift

The Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione sports a V12 engine as well as an electric motor. The V12 produces 850 base horsepower and 553 lb.-ft. of torque. The electric motor produces around 186 base horsepower and 111 lb.-ft. of torque. These engines combine for a total power of 1036 horsepower and 664 lb.-ft. of torque. This power level combines with high-level F1 dual-clutch gearbox to make a mean racing machine.

75% Downforce Improvement Over LaFerrari

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione - Front - Ferrari - EuroDrift

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione – Front – Ferrari – EuroDrift

Downforce plays an important role in the Ferrari FXX-K Evo. The FXX-K Evo has 23% more downforce than the FXX-K and 75% more than the LaFerrari. This is mostly due to an aerodynamic fixed rear wing. This increase in aerodynamics combined with a weight drop create an engineering marvel. Negative lift is around 1410 lbs at 125 mph and exceeds 1830 lbs near top speed.

Downforce Levels Similiar to GT3 and GTE Championships

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione - Front - Ferrari - EuroDrift

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione – Front – Ferrari – EuroDrift

The Ferrari FXX-K Evo had 12.5k miles of development and reliability runs prior to its announcement. A lot of testing was done via CFD simulation and in a wind tunnel for aerodynamics. This led to the great numbers mentioned above of a large amount of downforce and negative lift. Ferrari claims that the FXX-K Evo downforce levels are “very close to those of the cars competing in the GT3 and GTE championships.” This statement is clearly true with the numbers that the car is displaying in testing. Track tests with the FXX-K Evo at the Fiorano test track led to impressive results of 1 minute 14 seconds, 5 seconds faster than the LaFerrari.

Ferrari FXX Program

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione - Rear - Ferrari - EuroDrift

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione – Rear – Ferrari – EuroDrift

In 2005, the XX Program was started by Ferrari. These cars are for sale to loyal customers who are willing to spend millions for special track versions of cars. These cars are built with the track in mind at a competitive level. Ferrari XX vehicles are usually built in low quantities leading to higher collectibility. Luckily, for those select few, they are collecting pieces of modern artwork.

Carbon Fiber Construction & Twin-Profile Fixed Rear Wing

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione - Side - Ferrari - EuroDrift

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione – Side – Ferrari – EuroDrift

The Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione has a carbon fiber construction with a twin-profile fixed rear wing. The fixed rear wing works with an active rear spoiler to optimize downforce. The active spoiler adjusts itself accordingly while in motion. There are 2 side fins as well as a central fin to help with aerodynamics as well. The FXX-K Evo also has redesigned front and rear bumpers. The front has widened front brake air intakes. The rear has enlarged bypass vents on the wheel arches for better flow to the rear diffuser.

Central & Side Fins Boost Stability

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione - Roof - Ferrari - EuroDrift

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione – Roof – Ferrari – EuroDrift

The side fins and central fin support the rear wing. The central fin plays an important role on this vehicle. “Firstly it acts as a vertical fin, boosting stability at low yaw angles, and secondly, it supports the action of the three delta (triangular) vortex generators.” Basically, it boosts stability at low yaw angles as well as supports three delta vortex generators. The vortex generators “clean the follow field striking the wing of the effects of the wake of the hot air flow from the radiators which vents onto the bonnet, while also creating a down wash component in the flow which boosts the twin-profile’s downforce capacity.”

Front & Rear Bumper Alterations

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione - Driver's Side Rear Corner - Ferrari - EuroDrift

Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione – Driver’s Side Rear Corner – Ferrari – EuroDrift

As mentioned above, the front bumper is slightly different on this vehicle. “The geometry of the sides of the front bumper was altered by hollowing out the surfaces beneath the headlights. This made space for a couple of flicks divided by vertical turning vane and an additional intake ahead of the front wheels. This system makes good use of know-how acquired in the GT programs in which rules introduced in 2016 permitted extensive study of the interaction between horizontal (flicks) and vertical (dive plane) flow management systems, optimizing their efficiency.” By hollowing out beneath the headlights, Ferrari was able to make space for other important items including additional intake space. All of the changes to the exterior led to the enormous 73% downforce gain over the LaFerrari.

Interior Technology Overhaul

On the inside, there is a “conceptually-different steering wheel”. This wheel includes a KERS Manettino and a 6.5” rear camera screen. The LCD displays telemetry, KERS status, and lap times via the click of a button. All of this combines to enhance the interior layout for additional improvements. This car is beautiful inside and out.

Masterpiece of Modern Automotive Art

Overall, the Ferrari FXX-K Evoluzione is another masterpiece of modern art. From it’s exterior updates to its enormous power capabilities, it is a true beast. The number of vehicles should be very low at a steep price if it follows the usual pattern. We can all look forward to the upcoming racing season to see the potential of this car. In conclusion, will it be a true racing competitor for the Mercedes-AMG Project One?

Expect a Second Maserati SUV by 2020 According to Fiat Chrysler CEO

Expect a Second Maserati SUV by 2020 According to Fiat Chrysler CEO

There will be a Second Maserati SUV by 2020

At end of 2016, Maserati introduced the Levante to the world and entered the SUV market. Now, Maserati will be releasing a second SUV by 2020. Automotive News reports that Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne stated this recently. The new SUV will be a size smaller than the Levante on the Giorgio platform. This means the new Maserati SUV will share the platform with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. As you’d expect, this new SUV will sport its own power train.

Maserati Aims to Sell 70,000 to 80,000 Vehicles per Year

With 2 SUVs, Marchionne believes Maserati will be able to sell 70,000 to 80,000 vehicles per year. Three quarters into 2017, Maserati has sold around 36,000 vehicles. This is impressive as the previous years value was 24,000 vehicles at the same time in 2016. This is an increase of 12,000 vehicles which can be due to the Levante’s entrance to market. Unfortunately for Maserati, the Quattroporte sales are down from previous years, probably due to the other vehicles being sold in the lineup.

Maserati Demand is Lower than Expected in China

In China, Maserati Levante demand has been lower than calculated so the Levante production is turned down. Regardless, the Levante has made sales worldwide in the last year. Due to this, Maserati hopes a second SUV with a lower MSRP would increase overall sales. The Levante has a “cheap” Chrysler switchgear layout and electronic shifter but has proven itself in other areas. In off-road and touring capabilities, the Levante exceeds any expectations. Not to mention that it feels and handles like a true sports SUV.

A Second Maserati SUV Should Increase Demand & Profits

Overall, the Levante is a beautiful car and a younger brother should increase Maserati’s market reach. With Maserati’s new cheaper models, the sales have increased leading to higher profitability for the company. As you’d expect, this led Maserati to the decision to create a second SUV by 2020. Even though it’ll share the Giorgio platform with the Stelvio, it should be an amazing vehicle. In the end, we will just have to wait until 2020 to see what Maserati has planned for the future.

2018 BMW M3 30 Years American Edition at SEMA 2017

2018 BMW M3 30 Years American Edition at SEMA 2017

2018 BMW M3 30 Years American Edition

In 1987, the BMW M3 was brought to the U.S. market for the first time. Now, in 2017, BMW decided to create a one-of-a-kind 30th anniversary model called the American Edition. At the SEMA 2017 auto show in Las Vegas, BMW is displaying the 2018 M3 30 Years American Edition in a booth. With a load of features, this BMW M3 represents the M3’s success in the U.S.A.. The M3 30 Years American Edition will be for sale as a 2018 model.

BMW Individual & Specifications

The 2018 BMW M3 30 Years American Edition has a 6-speed manual transmission and competition package. These features represent the foundation of this vehicle. On top of that, this BMW M3 contains BMW Individual components. On the exterior of this M3, the car impresses with its Frozen Red II Metallic paint job. To complement this, BMW added one-off M Performance golden alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. As if this wasn’t enough, this M3 has exclusive carbon fiber side sills, a wing, and M color stripes on the roof panel.

Red, White, & Blue Interior Design

The interior of the 30 Years American Edition M3 has a red, white, and blue theme. This color combination shows on the leather surfaces of the interior with contrast stitching. It also includes special anniversary graphics on the carbon fiber dash trim, front seat headrests, and rear sunshade. This interior is meant to connect BMW with America’s red, white, and blue flag. BMW proudly displays their pride with their success in the U.S.A. with this vehicle.

Price of $129,130 including Destination Charge

To step it even further, the BMW M3 30 Years American Edition has a M Performance Sports suspension with contrasting red coil springs. The exhaust system comes with titanium silencers to complement the exterior. All of these above features come together to make this car a unique vehicle. At a price of $129,130 including the destination charge, this BMW is quite loaded with features. This M3 is quite a unique vehicle and will be a collector vehicle for diehard BMW fans.

BMW M3 is a Great Feat of German Engineering

Overall, the BMW M3 30 Years American Edition is a beautiful vehicle. BMW built this M3 with the goal of showing their appreciation to America for their success in this country. In all honesty, they didn’t disappoint. The price may be steep at over $120k, but this vehicle comes well spec’d. In the end, the BMW M3 is a great feat of German engineering that is welcome for another 30 years.

Lamborghini Egoista: 50th Anniversary Concept Car

Lamborghini Egoista: 50th Anniversary Concept Car

Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary Concept Car

In 2013, Lamborghini produced the Egoista as their 50th anniversary concept car. The Lamborghini Egoista’s basis is the well-known Gallardo. Walter de Silva is responsible for the Egoista’s design. Many people claim this is Lamborghini’s “Batmobile” as it quite looks like one. With a mid-engine placement and all-wheel drive, the Egoista displays the usual specifications of a Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Gallardo 5.2-Liter V10 with 600 Horsepower

In the engine bay, the Egoista sports a 5.2-liter V10 with 600 horsepower. As this car is a concept vehicle, it will not make mass production or be for sale on the market. Although there is no price, an estimate of the Lamborghini  Egoista is around $4 million USD, similar to the Veneno. Now, the Egoista is on display at the Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Remember, the sole reason for this vehicles creation is to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary as a company.

Race Car Features & Specifications

Lamborghini Egoista - Side - Wikimedia Commons - EuroDrift

Lamborghini Egoista – Side – Wikimedia Commons – EuroDrift

On the interior, the Egoista is a true sports car. Surprisingly, the steering wheel’s removal is necessary to enter and exit the vehicle. That may sound like a tedious task, but with a racing design it is built to be efficient and quick. Next, the Lamborghini Egoista has a lighting layout like an airplane. There are also active aerodynamic panels that raise and lower to maximize downforce and stability.

Egoista Stands for “Selfish”

In Italian, Egoista stands for “selfish”. Yes, it really does mean selfish. Some may say it is quite selfish for Lamborghini to withhold this car from market. On the other hand, some think Lamborghini is crazy for building this car in the first place. Either way, the car can be seen on display in the museum mentioned above.

The Lamborghini Egoista Represents a Bull Ready to Charge

Overall, the Lamborghini Egoista is quite a unique sports car. The design is meant to resemble a bull getting ready to charge. As you know, hopefully, the bull is central part of the Lamborghini logo. Regardless of it’s selfish name, the Egoista is a spectacle for all to see. If you ever wanted to see a Lamborghini Batmobile, here it is. In the end, the Egoista will remain an extremely rare collectible car held by the Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Company. For those who don’t know, S.p.A. stands for “Società per azioni” which translates to “public company”.

Porsche Mission E: Tesla’s New EV Competitor

Porsche Mission E: Tesla’s New EV Competitor

Porsche Mission E to be Sold in 2019

In 2019, Porsche will begin selling the all-new Mission E sedan. The Porsche Mission E is a fully electric 4-seater sport sedan. The purpose of this vehicle is to compete in the electric vehicle industry which is the future of transportation. As expected, the Mission E has its eyes set on Tesla. On release, the Porsche Mission E will have a MSRP of about $85,000.

“Our core area of expertise lies in complex, efficient, and high-performance power trains – just look at the 918 Spyder or 919 Hybrid”, stated Stefan Weckbach, the Mission E project head.

Two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PSMs)

The Porsche Mission E sedan will sport two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSMs). These were used in the Porsche 919 Hybrid that won Le Mans. This system allows for energy recovery while braking that can be used to continue propulsion. One of these motors powers the front axle while the other powers the rear. With these motors, the Mission E can hit 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds. Surprisingly, the Mission E can hit 124 mph in less than 12 seconds – phew. These motors produce a combined 600+ horsepower.

“Fifteen minutes is an acceptable amount of charging time. And with 800 volts, it’s also feasible.” – Stefan Weckbach

800 Volt Charging System

In the Porsche Mission E, the voltage is double the standard charging value at 800 volts. This allows for shorter charging times and decreases the overall weight of the vehicle. With a lithium-ion battery, the Mission E can drive more than 300 miles on a single charge. To get another 250 miles, simply recharge for 15 minutes – enough time to grab coffee, or a quick meal. With an 800 volt charging system, the Mission E can still be recharged at a typical 400 volt recharging station.

Electric Vehicles are the Future

Overall, the Porsche Mission E is expected to stir up the electric vehicle market. As Tesla currently holds reign in this sub-industry, Porsche and other brands will be making their appearances in the next few years. From Audi to Mercedes-Benz to Porsche, each brand understands the need for a motion towards a fully electric future. Without an exhaust, the cars may not sound the same but they sure are just as fact – if not faster. In the end, auto enthusiasts will probably be happy to take the Mission E for a ride, or two.

McLaren F1 Supercar: A Legendary Race Car

McLaren F1 Supercar: A Legendary Race Car

The McLaren F1 Hit the Market in 1994 at $815,000

In 1994, the McLaren F1 supercar hit the market at a price of $815,000. With a truly revolutionary design, the F1 became legendary. Throughout the years, the McLaren F1 has won countless racing events and shone above the competition, even in modern times. The McLaren F1 differed from competition from its central driving position to its unique suspension system. These combined with an amazing engine led to prosperity in the racing realm.

6.1-Liter V12 Engine Designed by BMW Motorsports

The McLaren F1 sports a 6.1-liter V12 engine designed by BMW Motorsports. This V12 provides the F1 with 627 horsepower at 7400 rpm and 479 lb.-ft. of torque at 4000 rpm. In 3.2 seconds, the F1 can hit 60 mph. Surprisingly, the F1 can hit 100 mph in 6.3 seconds, 150 mph in 12.8 seconds, and 200 mph in 28 seconds. On the quarter mile, the F1 hits 138 mph in 11.1 seconds. The F1 also has a lower rpm redline than other racecars at 7500 rpm.

Central Driving Position, Dimensions, & Unique Suspension

McLaren F1 LM - Interior - Wikimedia Commons - EuroDrift

McLaren F1 LM – Interior – Wikimedia Commons – EuroDrift

As expected, the McLaren F1 boasts a handful of special features. The first is a central driving position rather than left-side or right-side control. This perception zone provides the driver with more control as they sit closer to the front of the vehicle and better visibility. The second feature is the dimensions of the vehicle which are engineered for optimal racing abilities. The third feature is a unique suspension system that provides the car with amazing handling on the track. With this suspension, the F1 has a drag coefficient of 0.32.

19.3 MPG at Highway Speeds/9 MPH at Racing Speeds

At only 2579 pounds, the McLaren F1 is a lightweight race car. Surprisingly, the F1 gets 19.3 mph at highway speeds. Unsurprisingly, that number drops to 9 mpg under racing conditions. Although, most people will probably avoid driving this car on the road. Lastly, the steering system can do 2.8 turns from lock-to-lock. The combination of the above features makes this car legendary on the track.

Modern Pricing around $15 Million USD

Overall, the McLaren F1 is a truly legendary supercar. From its V12 motor to its unique suspension, the F1 stands out from the competition. Previously worth $815,000, don’t expect to find one for less than $15 million in great condition. Recently, a F1 sold for slightly over $15 million in great condition with low mileage. In the end, the McLaren F1 is a collector’s dream car and will be a rare spectacle to see in today’s day and age.

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante: Tom Brady Edition

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante: Tom Brady Edition

Aston Martin Collaborates with Tom Brady

On October 27, 2017, Aston Martin unveiled a new special edition vehicle to their options. Aston Martin collaborated with Tom Brady to design an Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante. At a price of $360,000, this Aston Martin Vanquish S will be limited to 12 models worldwide. The typical Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante runs for about $50,000 less than this version. These models will be for sale in Ultramarine Black which looks like a dark blue.

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Edition - Rear - Aston Martin - EuroDrift

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Edition – Rear – Aston Martin – EuroDrift

6.0-Liter V12 Engine with 580 Horsepower & Custom Features

The Aston Martin Vanquish S Tom Brady edition will sport a 6.0-liter V12 engine producing 580 horsepower. On top of this, buyers will receive a few special features. This includes Tom Brady’s signature on the metal door sill plates, the Ultramarine Black exterior paint, and Dark Knight interior leather. On the exterior, there is carbon fiber aerodynamic features as well as Tom Brady’s TB12 logo behind the front wheels. With all of these alterations, the TB12 Vanquish will be a highly collectible vehicle.

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Edition - Interior - Aston Martin - EuroDrift

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Edition – Interior – Aston Martin – EuroDrift

Reasoning for TB12 Designation

The reasoning for the number 12 is due to Tom Brady’s New England Patriots jersey number. With 5 Super Bowl rings, Aston Martin felt the collaboration would bring attention to their brand. It is expected that all 12 vehicles will be sold quickly and most probably to Aston’s top customers. Tom Brady helped Aston decide the color scheme for the car. The hint of blue may be a connection to the New England Patriots’ jersey color scheme.

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Edition - TB12 Logo - Aston Martin - EuroDrift

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Edition – TB12 Logo – Aston Martin – EuroDrift

The Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Edition

Overall, the Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante designed by Tom Brady will be a spectacle to see. With its color combination and load of additional features, Aston Martin enthusiasts are sure to jump on the bandwagon. Not to mention the diehard Patriots fans that would love to get their hands on this vehicle. With a record like Tom Brady’s, there is no question as to why Aston Martin chose this sports star. Although many people outside of the United States will not know much about him, they are sure to cherish this beautiful Vanquish as it hits the open road.

Land Rover Avoids Concept Vehicles to Minimize Competition

Land Rover Avoids Concept Vehicles to Minimize Competition

Landwind X7 is a Range Rover Evoque Copycat

While most auto manufacturers readily display concept vehicles to the world, Land Rover is reluctant to do so. The main reasoning behind this is due to the fact that a Chinese auto manufacturer may attempt to clone their vehicles. This disrupts Land Rover’s market within China, an obviously large opportunity for sales. An example of a Chinese copycat is the LandWind X7. It is a complete rip-off of the Range Rover Evoque at a third of the price. The issue with this comes down to failure to oblige copyright law protections in China.

Range Rover Evoque - Front - EuroDrift

Range Rover Evoque – Front – EuroDrift

Similar Design & Specifications

Unfortunately for Land Rover, Landwind, the knock-off Chinese manufacturer, mimiced the Evoque without backlash. The Landwind X7 has been produced since August 2015 when it was considered a copy of the Evoque. Obviously, Jaguar Land Rover unsuccessfully prevented the Landwind from entering the market. The Landwind X7 has a 2.0-liter Mitsubishi engine with an 8-speed transmission. At the same time, the Range Rover Evoque has a 2.0-liter engine with a 9-speed transmission. Based on these specifications, the only difference between the Evoque and X7 is an extra gear.

Major Price Difference between Evoque and X7

On the price end, the Range Rover Evoque starts at a MSRP of $41,475. On the other hand, the Landwind X7 starts at an estimated $16,253 (converted from 14,000 Euros). This is a substantial price decrease, at about 60% less. That discount comes with a copycat design and less prestige. But, if you’re unable to afford the true Evoque in China, you can settle for the knockoff version… regretfully.

The Landwind X7 is a Knock-Off Range Rover Evoque

Overall, the Landwind X7 is the true representation of stealing another company’s design. Unfortunately for Jaguar Land Rover, the Chinese government sided with the Chinese auto manufacturer – no surprise. It’s truly a shame that companies have to worry about design mimicking in today’s day and age. Fortunately, for Range Rover, Landwind vehicles are low in quality. The saddest part is that Landwind couldn’t engineer their own design. In the end, the Landwind X7 will never be a Range Rover Evoque.

BMW Will Never Build a FWD M Car… Good!

BMW Will Never Build a FWD M Car… Good!

BMW Front-Wheel Drive

In 2014, BMW introduced a front-wheel drive car to market – the 2 Series Active Tourer. Shocking to many, thoughts of brand degradation flooded the internet. Truthfully, FWD will not ruin the BMW brand. In 2017, BMW is considering bringing the FWD 1 Series to the states. Regardless, this does not signal the death of BMW’s reputation. Most auto enthusiasts will be happy to hear that BMW has no plans to engineer a FWD M model.

Expansion of the M Badge Designation

In recent years, BMW expanded the number of vehicles sporting the M badge. This includes M-tuned trim levels that increase the look and performance of non-M models. Fortunately, this does not mean that BMW will provide a M badge to a FWD vehicle. With the 1 and 2 series sporting FWD, these cars will remain base line models. BMW’s Vice President of the M division spoke to Autocar recently with a clear statement.

Statement by Vice President of M Division

“You have to be able to feel the car… through the steering and the throttle,” stated Dirk Hacker, VP of the M division. “Today, there is no solution for front-wheel drive.” This statement supports the backing that BMW will not label a FWD car with the M badge. Regardless of this statement, BMW has accepted all-wheel drive for the new M5. Not surprisingly, some fans aren’t happy with the change… but that’s too bad.

Don’t Worry… There’ll Be No FWD M Car… At Least, For Now

Overall, BMW does not intend to label a FWD with the M badge. Although the BMW M5 sports AWD, the M lineup has preferred RWD throughout the years. AWD may not be the worst thing for a M car. The acceleration and traction will absolutely increase performance. But, the best option is for BMW to stick to its M model RWD tradition. In the end, BMW will ensure the M label maintains it’s level of prestige for the years to come.

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