Renault Seeks Merger with Nissan to Pursue FCA

Renault Seeks to Condense Auto Market

In 2019, Renault is currently seeking to obtain a merger with Nissan. This would allow Renault and Nissan to pursue Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) via bidding. Multiple manufacturers show interest in purchasing FCA amid its current decline to rebuild the brand under new leadership. The other companies include manufacturers such as Peugeot. Currently, Renault is involved in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. This alliance is a Franco-Japanese strategic partnership. In combination, these manufacturers sell 1 of every 9 vehicles worldwide. Wow! That’s over 10% of the market! This alliance was found by Louis Schweitzer on March 27, 1999. Now, Renault seeks more than a simple alliance – but a full merger.

A Short Background of Renault

For those that don’t know, Renault is an automobile manufacturer from France. This French company builds cars and vans with a primary market in Europe. The company’s HQ is currently in Boulogne-Billancourt, France led by CEO Thierry Bolloré for the last 2 months. The currently production output for Renault is over 3 million vehicles last recorded by Google in 2016. With this many sales, this company seeks to grow substantially. By merging with other companies, capital and investing opportunities increase. This would allow Renault to be competitive moving into the future. Moreover, this would allow Renault to build a basis of operations in the U.S..

The Fate of FCA, Nissan, & Renault

Renault looking to merge with Nissan and Fiat Chrysler, report says – WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 – YouTube

So, this year, the outcome of the fate of FCA, Nissan, and Renault will most likely happen. Whether Renault and Nissan attempt to takeover FCA, or Peugeot wins the bet, time will only tell. Renault is a popular manufacturer in Europe. But it is not as well known in the states. By growing, this company can start to command more of the market. It could also offer some higher end vehicles to possibly compete with Audi and other companies. Overall, Renault’s merger is currently up in the air. Feel free to call the customer service line for more information… JUST KIDDING!

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