Tips for Parallel Parking 101

Tips for Parallel Parking 101

How To Learn Parallel Parking

From the driving test to parking publicly, parallel parking is quite important. Not only does it appear on the driving test, it is part of daily life for many city dwellers. The first time attempting to do so can be quite nerve-wracking. Especially, with the test instructor in the passenger seat critiquing every step of the way. But, do not fear, Tips for Parallel Parking 101 is here! In the next section, a short breakdown of how-to parallel park will be in place. This will hopefully help in learning the process of this important maneuver. So, whenever the chance of parallel parking a Ferrari arrives, it won’t have to be turned down!

The Steps to Parallel Parking

The Tips for Parallel Parking 101 are important when learning how to park in this manner. Instead of fear, replace that energy with confidence in that it is a learnable process. It can be easy for some, and difficult for others. The goal is to simply not give up, and to learn this as it’ll benefit everyone greatly. No one likes to sit behind a bad parallel parker, nor is it fun to hunt down a perpendicular parking lot in the city. The tips for parallel parking are as follows:

  1. Find Spot That’s Large Enough for Vehicle.
  2. Pull Next to Vehicle in Front of Space While Lining Up the Rear Bumpers.
  3. While Stopped, Turn Wheel All the Way to the Right.
  4. Look Backwards to Observe & Begin Reversing Cautiously.
  5. Once the Front-Right Corner of the Rear Car is at Mid-Windshield, Stop!
  6. Turn the Wheel Back to the Middle Before Continuing to Reverse.
  7. Reverse Until Front Bumper of Driven Vehicle Clears the Rear Bumper of the Front Vehicle.
  8. While Stopped, Turn Wheel All the Way to the Left and Reverse Until In-Line with Other Vehicles.
  9. Attempt to Park in Middle of Both Vehicles, Allowing Space on Both Sides for Everyone’s Sake.

Hopefully, the tips above are beneficial to understanding how to parallel park. Do note, if the space is tight, a few more back and forth maneuvers may be necessary. It would be best not to bump the Bentley in front or Rolls in rear of the spot!

“Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try.”

Learn how to PARALLEL PARK. The easiest video lesson (by Parking Tutorial) – ParkingTutorial – YouTube

As Yoda once says in the Star Wars film series:

“Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try.” – Yoda in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Parallel parking may seem scary, but it is not. Most people initially struggle with it, and even people with years of experience mess it up sometimes. It is something that may come to you, or not. But, it is important to keep attempting to learn. By using the instructions above plus the video, hopefully it’ll help ease the journey. The Tips for Parallel Parking 101 aims to help everyone become great at this maneuver! If lucky enough, the car may have a reverse camera, which will help tremendously. Most modern vehicles such as Audi and BMW arrive with this feature. Overall, hopefully this short article journey helps with learning the skills of daily driving.

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