Why is Idling the Engine Bad for the Car?

Why is Idling the Engine Bad for the Car?

Bringing the Truth to Reality

In reality, many people still idle the engine of their car to warm it up in the winter. But, is this truly a reasonable idea? Modern science and engineering suggest “no”. So, many may be wondering, why is idling the engine bad for the car? There are three main points to answer this question. Firstly, this is detrimental to modern engine design. Secondly, it is a waste of gasoline. Hence, it is a waste of hard-earned cash. Thirdly, and finally, the environmental damage is real. Truthfully, modern vehicles need less than 10 seconds in cold climates to drive safely. So, why keep warming up the car? Manufacturers such as Porsche will agree.

Deeper Explanation of Three Points

Detrimental to Modern Engine

So, why is idling the engine bad for the car? Let’s begin with a deeper look into each answer. Firstly, it is detrimental to the modern engine. Why? Because these engines can function safely in less than 10 seconds of warming up. Simply put, this is thanks to modern engineering. So, if the car is going to be on idling for more than 10 seconds, shut it off.

Waste of Gasoline

Secondly, idling the car is an epic waste of gasoline. Why throw away hard earned cash? Gasoline equals money, it cannot be purchased without it. Each second that the engine is on, it requires gasoline to operate. The gasoline is ignited in the engine by the spark plugs. This allows for combustion to take place. This combustion is what allows the vehicle to physically move and power itself. Do note, the bigger the engine, the more fuel burns. A V8 will burn more than an I4 in idle.

Environmental Damage

Thirdly, idling the car is bad for the environment. The environment is a necessity in life, without a thriving environment, human life will not thrive. So, why degrade the quality of the planet? Visibly, worldwide, climate change is ruining the planet and human life. Automobile engines produce carbon dioxide, known for damaging the environment. It is a major reason for the entire problem of global warming. Many will argue that it is a lie, or it causes less damage than a cow. But, truthfully, numbers add up. Regardless of other realities and falsities, it’s smarter to only use the engine when necessary. To avoid this, simply buy a modern EV!

Be Smart, Don’t Idle Then Drive!

Americans Have No Idea How Much Fuel Idling Uses – Engineering Explained – YouTube

So, now a question for the reader, why is idling the engine bad for the car? Hopefully, this article provides a clear reason why. Why damage the engine, waste gas, and destroy the environment? Idling the car is a waste of time. This may not be true for older generations of automobiles but is true of modern times. Modern engines use modern engineering, which removes the need for idling. Companies such as BMW allow drivers to start up and drive off in the winter. There’s no need to idle for 2 minutes. In conclusion, simply put – don’t idle a modern vehicle!

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